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Universal Studios Property & Hardware Dept

Listed in Category: Restaurant Furniture & Dressing


The Property Department rents property, drapery, fixtures and hardware to filmmakers, event planners and students.

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RC Vintage, Inc.

Listed in Category: Banquets/Booths (Seating)


Los Angeles Prop House with an emphasis on Art Deco and 70's Retro Kitsch. Great resource for lighting, dressing, and hand props from the 50s, 60s, and 70s (and more)!

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AIR Designs

Listed in Category: Cooking Equipment


Air Designs is the #1 source for set dressing and props in the San Fernando Valley. We specialize in street, restaurant, bar, coffee shop, lighting, warehouse, NASCAR, automotive and vending machines.

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On Set Graphics

Listed in Category: Posters, Art/Movie/Travel/Wanted Etc.


We are an online resource of cleared artwork, flyers, posters, and documents easily downloaded for you to print in any capacity.

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