U-Frame It Gallery

9k=-75No you don’t have to frame it …we frame it AT U-Frame It.

Universally known for their incredibly fast service, it’s no wonder the Entertainment Industry loves U-Frame It Gallery.  Studio trucks are always outside for a reason.

For any project or production where you needed it yesterday (though it would have been useful for someone to mention that little fact to the person who had to GET it) U-Frame It will make it happen. They have been zipping out canvas and frames for movies and television shows for decades.2Q==-83

To top off all the love they get from the entertainment industries, this year they were also given ‘The Best Picture Frame Shop” for The Best of L.A. series in Los Angeles Magazine’s Readers Choice award.

When you need something framed, mounted, or matted (not to mention the fact they do custom mirror framing and mirror repair) it will always be picture perfect at U-Frame It Gallery.

Website: www.uframeitgallery.com