The Trading Post Hire

9k=-35Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to walk through the Trading Post Hire. It’s an odd-shaped building with multiple levels full of great treasures. An amazing Egyptian collection greets you at the entrance and the adventure continues with each floor.

From Victorian to Dickens, shops to ships, interior or exterior, the great collection is one-stop shopping. The Trading Post team has seen it all, so they have plenty of experience to help you with the details for your project and see you through their extensive stock. The website is just a very small sample of their vast collection.2Q==-42

I would say that the Trading Post is a hire houses where you could find everything you need for any set. From a ship’s bell to bars of gold, it’s a treasure trove of goodies, like the fake barbed wire used in War Horse and a taxidermy collection of elephant heads, wild pigs, wild cats, rats and loads more.

The Trading Post Hire website is a great representation of the stock you’ll find there, and the opening page hints at the humor that greets you. Definitely a fun place to shop.