A Final ‘Tally Ho’ to Tally Ho Marine Salvage & Decor

Allan Johnson standing in front of a fraction of his nautical junkyard collection.

Allan started Tally Ho a little over 42 years ago selling used netting for decor. Companies like Aaron Brothers, various fish restaurants and bars would send their interior designers over to Tally Ho to grab fixed up and affordable fishing nets. As is often the case it wasn’t long until the entertainment industry found him too.

As his nautical junkyard grew he started to gain the attention of more than just themed restaurants. Walt Disney Imagineering (WDI) started to call on him for their themparks. This led to a natural progression into the world of film and television rentals.

Allan and his company Tally Ho began to work with productions such as Hook, Waterworld, Amistad, Hidalgo, and plenty of others. He had become the “outdoor nautical guy” to the few interior nautical guys. He even had opportunities to work with people like Steven Speilberg, Rosemary Brandenburg, and many others.

But now Allan is throwing in the retirement towel. As he puts it, “the film industry has treated me well but it’s time for me to wrap things up and move on.” Now in his 80’s, Allan intends to spend more time with his wife, Annie, and other friends and family.

Where has his inventory gone? Warner Bros Property has scooped up a couple truckloads of items deemed fit for their property department and the rest, though a bit in limbo, may go off to some private collections.

To Allan, from everyone at Debbies Book and the rest of the entertainment industry, “Fair Winds and Following Seas.”

HEF Pool Service – Helping to Keep Your Water Based Shoot Clear

pool7-resizedFilming in and under water has its unique challenges, but HEF Pool Service can help eliminate some of those concerns. HEF works to keep the water clear and water chemistry safe for cast and crew. The last thing you want are stinging eyes and cloudy water.

HEF provides water surface skimmers, portable pumps and filtration systems, and underwater vacuuming. NCIS, Couples Retreat, Iron Man 2, Thor, Poseidon and We Bought a Zoo are just some of the productions HEF has worked on. So the next time you’re filming underwater, HEF will help to keep your shoot floating along.

Website: www.hefpool.com

Seaway Company of Catalina

SeawayOfCatalina AdFor over 40 years Seaway Company of Catalina has been serving the Port of Los Angeles and the waters of Southern California. Sometimes it’s easy to take for granted that a service is needed to get items to destinations via water.

From transporting refrigerated cargo off of the mainland, to towing a vessel in need of repair, even shooting off fireworks over the sea; it all takes someone with the knowledge and equipment to ensure that these things can happen safely and efficiently.

They are a full-service maritime company with the equipment and staff to meet their client’s needs. Even if it is use of a barge for a giant firework display, they are able to help.

Website: www.seawaycompany.com

LCW Props

LCW Special Web PicI have a tendency to miss happy hour specials (and McDonalds breakfast specials), but one special that never has a time limit is at LCW Props!

LCW Special Web Pic 2Their ‘This Month’s Specials’ menu always has something interesting and practical. So for all you bargain hunters out there (including the late ones like me) they’ve always got their specials on display on their website. Not to mention they’ve got many of their props inventoried and searchable on their website so check them out.

Not web savvy? Give them a face to face visit, and take a stroll down prop lane… but I highly recommend trying their website searches too. It’s like Neo and Trinity gearing up in the Matrix when isles of stuff zip past them like speeding trains. LCW Props’ search engine is kind of like that only with a Happy Hour/Month! I bet Neo and Trinity had to pay full price.

Website: www.lcwprops.com

The Trading Post Hire

9k=-35Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to walk through the Trading Post Hire. It’s an odd-shaped building with multiple levels full of great treasures. An amazing Egyptian collection greets you at the entrance and the adventure continues with each floor.

From Victorian to Dickens, shops to ships, interior or exterior, the great collection is one-stop shopping. The Trading Post team has seen it all, so they have plenty of experience to help you with the details for your project and see you through their extensive stock. The website is just a very small sample of their vast collection.2Q==-42

I would say that the Trading Post is a hire houses where you could find everything you need for any set. From a ship’s bell to bars of gold, it’s a treasure trove of goodies, like the fake barbed wire used in War Horse and a taxidermy collection of elephant heads, wild pigs, wild cats, rats and loads more.

The Trading Post Hire website is a great representation of the stock you’ll find there, and the opening page hints at the humor that greets you. Definitely a fun place to shop.

Website: www.tradingposthire.co.uk

Living Art Aquatic Design, Inc.

Living Art Aquatic creates living art around their designs of ponds and aquariums. Working with clients and architects they have developed a reputation for creating ‘living art’ within their designs.

Custom fish tanks of any size and shape, artificial pond environments (rock ponds), saltwater and freshwater environments, waterfalls, and even fish wrangling is their specialty. They are also talking with Walmart about possibly developing a 2.5 million gallon aquarium!

Bring live fish and water based landscaping into your environment to help create a fluid design. Each project is treated to create a special one of a kind design. So give Ron a call, he’ll make sure your water-based project doesn’t tank!

Website:  www.aquatic2000.com
Living Art Aquatic Design, Inc

Tally Ho

With a name like Tally Ho, you’d expect to find English equestrian gear and everything you’ll need for a jolly ol’ fox hunt. But shiver me timbers! Tally Ho is where 21-century pirates go for boat repairs and marine supplies.

You’ll find Allen there spinning stories and ready to lend a hand in this treasure trove of nautical supplies and oddities for rent or purchase. For steamer trunks, nets, anchors, ropes and more, Tally Ho is the place to go.

There’s no website, but you can find Curtis’s contact info on Debbies Book’s listing for Tally Ho Marine Salvage & Decor.

Oceanic Arts

When I first met Bob and LeRoy of Oceanic Arts, I was amazed at what great stories they had about acquiring their stock ― off into the jungles, down rivers to uninhabited lands. When you visit the shop, take a look at the photos and imagine what they went through to get those tropical pieces laid out before you.

Whether you’re dressing a Polynesian restaurant, an amusement park, TV show set or simply getting ready for your annual backyard luau party, Oceanic Arts has imported Palapas, bamboo poles and tropical wall mattings as well as carved wood tikis, outrigger canoes, puffer fish and other tropical décor ― complete with an interesting story.

Website: www.oceanicarts.net
Oceanic Arts