Student Presentation and Tour @ ZG04 & More

DSC05221Just last Thursday Dec. 11, 2014 Philip and Laura’s separate classes of students came to the valley prop houses for a tour. Afterwards there was an hour demonstration by yours truly on the in and outs of prop houses as well as a breakdown of some of the tools available on our app!

DSC05220The students had a chance to visit three very unique prop houses; History For Hire (great for period and historically accurate reproductions), Alley Cats Studio Rentals (perfect for outdoor street dressing, playgrounds and more), and ZG04 Décor (a quickly expanding prop house of decorative accessories, hand props, and general set dressing).DSC05219

Klaus (owner of ZG04 Décor) gave great information and insight on how designers have limited time shopping, emphasizing how he has combined his skills of design and working on a tight schedule to expedite everything they offer at his new prop house.

A good time was had by all and it’s always nice to see new blood entering the entertainment business that are driven and creative!