Prop Houses Open This Veteran’s Day (2018)

This coming Monday is Veteran’s Day – and some people might be closed.

Below is a regularly updated list of prop houses we have contacted that are open. Know of someone else? Message us and we will try to keep it up to date!

A-1 Medical Integration
Advanced Liquidators
Aero Mock-Ups
AIR Designs
Air Hollywood
Alley Cats Studio Rentals
Alpha Companies
Angelus Medical & Optical Co., Inc.
Artery Props
Athletic Room
Auditorium, The
Bridge Furniture & Props
Dapper Cadaver
EC Prop Rentals
Faux Library
Green Set
Hand Prop Room
History for Hire
Hollywood Cinema Arts
Hollywood Studio Gallery
Independent Studio Services
Jackson Shrub Supply
LCW Props
Lennie Marvin (Prop Heaven)
Little Bohemia Rentals
Modern Props
Modernica Props
NEST Studio Rentals
Old N Country
Omega/Cinema Props
Picture Start Props
Premiere Props
Prop Services West
RC Vintage
Sony Pictures Studios-Prop House
U-Frame It Gallery
Universal Studios Property & Hardware Dept
Warner Bros. Studios Property Department
**Last updated @ 10:57 Nov. 12