Tech Works FX Studios

Need a killer space robot? Possibly an annoying space worm addicted to coffee? Valek Sykes and the Tech Works FX Studios team can design and build robots, animatronic creatures, character costumes, dead bodies, props and more.

There’s nothing too otherworldly for owner Valek Sykes and his team to create. They’ve worked on The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, A.I., Men in Black 2, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Minority Report and many other projects in film, television and advertising. Valek even has an FBI accommodation for his work for the agency’s counterterrorism division. The details may be top secret, but his talent is well known.

Whatever unearthly effects you need, Tech Works FX Studios can put together and give it a life of its own. You can see his display ad in our ‘Puppets, Marionettes, Automata, Animatronics’ category.

Tech Works FX Studios


Masterbuilt Boxing Rings

For those in the industry, Johnny Flores was a respected boxer with a large inventory. His company, Masterbuilt, closed it’s doors last year with his passing.

Johnny Flores was the owner of Masterbulit Boxing Rings and provided the film and television industry with boxing, wrestling rings and equipment. He will be sorely missed, as will his knowledge.

Custom Abstract on Demand

Need industrial art on your next production? Photographer and set dresser Philippe Rockholt leases and sells pieces from his collection of vibrant digital art. Because they are all creations of his clearing is no problem at all. You purchase the art and you do what you need with it.

Printed on UV-protected gallery-wrapped canvases, images can range in size from 8×10 to 30×40. This allows for a them to be sturdy but quick to produce. If you go to his website and pick out the art you want he will be able to get it to you within a couple of business days in the size you need.

Be sure to check out Philippe’s unique art on his website. The vivid colors are mesmerizing and the prices are perfect for a set.

Custom Abstract on Demand

Tinder Box

Where there’s smoke—there’s Tinder Box in West Hollywood.  Tobacconists Nilly and Masoud light it up with everything you need for a great smoke—imported or domestic.

A bonus is, if they don’t have it they’ll order it. Craving a fine cigar? Want a custom-blend tobacco? Need a specific type of pipe for a character? No problem.

Prop masters zip in for those hard-to-find smoking items, from antique lighters to estate pipes plus a large selection of humidors. Need a tip on how to hold a cigar or pipe? They even have a smoker FAQ so you can show that actor how to properly hold the pipe you need them to use.

Visit or call Tinder Box in West Hollywood for your cigars, tobaccos or smoking gift needs.

Ph:  (310) 659-6464
Ph2:(310) 659-6431
Tinder Box Tobacco Shop

Independant Studio Services – A Property Master’s Paradise

With a nickname like “Below-the-Line Bilsons,” you know Gregg Bilson Sr. and Gregg Jr. of Independent Studio Services are prop master veterans and production pros.

A little history: In 1977, when I was putting together my first book, four property masters—Gregg Bilson Sr., Mike Dunn, Tom Woods (aka Woody), and Bill Young—started Independent Studio Services (ISS). In those days, one’s only resources for props were major studios, a handful of vendors, and the private reserves of fellow property masters.

In 1993, Gregg Jr. left production to run the business. Gregg’s been in the trenches with Moonlighting, NYPD Blue and many other productions so don’t be fooled by his laid back style. He loves the business and knows firsthand what a prop master needs.

Under Gregg Jr., ISS has grown to be one of the largest independent studio resources with prop rentals, armory, custom graphics, prop design and fabrication, video technology, and product promotion resources.

With locations in California and six other states, ISS can easily service your production needs. Check them out, and make sure to tell them Debbie sent you.

Independent Studio Services, Inc.

Blueprint Furniture

Mid-century modern style furniture is hot, and Blueprint Furniture is one of the hottest retailers in town. Set designers and stylists for print, music videos and films all make a point to stop at Blueprint. Since their inventory is imported from around the globe they have managed to be on top of many trends over the years.

As many already know, the showroom moved last year to a 15,000 sq. ft. space on Pico. Check it out and browse any new additions to the sleek collection. They also have a lot of their inventory in a warehouse for quick shipping. What’s nice is that they ship to anywhere in the world.

So whether you’re decorating a set or decking out your own space, a stop a Blueprint is a must.

Blueprint Furniture

Sommers Plastic Products

A dealer I once knew had an amazing selection of plastic fabrics, but he wouldn’t give me his source. Finally he did, and I discovered Sommers Plastic Products.

Like their dad, Hy Schecter, did before them, Fred and Ed have taken plastic to stratospheric levels. We’re not talking about your checkered red-and-white plastic picnic tablecloth. No! We’re talking thermochromatic color-changing fabric that Sommers calls Popper.

They also offer many different services including diffractive grating holographics and lenticular sheets. They even have a reflective material caled “Silver Mirror Finish” PVC.

Fashion designers and costume designers (Universal’s Battlestar Galactica) alike use Sommers Plastic products.

Check out Sommers and get wildly creative with their animal-friendly leopard, cheetah or mink fur/suede and lots more.

Sommer’s Plastics Products

Bone Clones

For those of you who don’t have skeletons in your closet, Bone Clones does with a huge collection of skulls, claws and more that will help you tell any tale.

Need a set of human teeth or a Great White shark jaw? Possibly a chimpanzee skeleton or a raven talon? Bone Clones makes skeleton replicas of humans (child to adult), primates, marine mammals and more. There are even fossils and body parts to pick from too.

So when that zombie movie has a skeleton hand coming out of the ground to grab your ankle, don’t worry, it’s not really real…or is it?

Bone Clones

American Hotel Register Company

When your company has been around since 1865 like American Hotel Register you are bound to have more to offer. They have been a resource to all kinds of hotels, restaurants, and even hospitals for years and recently noticed their services can also benefit the film and television industries.

Because their warehouses are thoroughly spread around the United States they can offer quick turnarounds that many competitors may not be able to match, to places competitors may not be able to match. Recently, American Hotel Register even started a special section on their website for set decorators and others with similar needs. I’ve linked to it below.

Whether you are dressing a 5-Star Hotel or a shabby chic motel, they have the amenities, furniture, and multiples of everything you could need. No matter where you are between the two coasts, American Hotel Register probably has a supply center near you.

American Hotel Register Company
Website for Set Decoration:
Phone: (800) 323-5686 x4492