American Hotel Register Company

When your company has been around since 1865 like American Hotel Register you are bound to have more to offer. They have been a resource to all kinds of hotels, restaurants, and even hospitals for years and recently noticed their services can also benefit the film and television industries.

Because their warehouses are thoroughly spread around the United States they can offer quick turnarounds that many competitors may not be able to match, to places competitors may not be able to match. Recently, American Hotel Register even started a special section on their website for set decorators and others with similar needs. I’ve linked to it below.

Whether you are dressing a 5-Star Hotel or a shabby chic motel, they have the amenities, furniture, and multiples of everything you could need. No matter where you are between the two coasts, American Hotel Register probably has a supply center near you.

American Hotel Register Company
Website for Set Decoration:
Phone: (800) 323-5686 x4492