Omega Cinema Props: Or the prop house that gobbled Hollywood

My first meeting with Jay (a television art director in the ’60s) and his office manager, Lorraine, was when Omega Cinema Props was located on Santa Monica Blvd. where C.P. Two is now. Jay was the first to have his showroom with setups of his furniture stock. You could walk in, look at a sofa, coffee table, lamps, et al and walk out with an entire living room set without having to do much work. Omega set it up for you.

Then they started gobbling up prop houses like Pac Man. In 1981, Omega acquired Maggie’s Modern Furniture Rentals on Hollywood Blvd., then Cinema Props, Cinema Mercantile Company, Ltd. and Joseph Basch Galleries. Ready Props and Decades were soon gobbled. Later, Omega took over First Street Furniture Rental (now C.P. Three).

Omega|Cinema Props houses drapery, rugs, furniture & accessories, lighting, art and linens and has several floors of stock for you to view, but the overflow has gone onto separate buildings.

C.P. Two has the restaurant, store and other commercial fixtures.

C.P. Three houses the patio and garden furniture, as well as Wild West/Old Western props.

C.P. Four has institutional, school and office furniture along with computers and electronics.

Best to check in at the front desk and get a salesperson to help guide you through the many buildings and gather all you need.

Omega/Cinema Props