Omega/Cinema Props New Website Launch

j14ssn2TYGmcjuylIHxdxueDc+GZ8Oz4f378Sy6SVo6LTfbDGx4Njwbng3PhvfvxRP9bIwTSyQSk11xS2Tss2r814Znw7Ph2fBseF8PvP8Lr9WyaEtPS+cAAAAASUVORK5CYII=It’s here! The Long awaited update to Omega/Cinema Props’ website has been launched.

Now you can view a large portion of their inventory in the comfort of your own home. The CP buildings are known for their wide range of products in multiple warehouses, so this is something any set decorator can appreciate.

2Q==-13Along with the sleek new design of their new website Omega has also launched some tools. You can now log in and create your own “Wish List”. Similar to Debbies Books own Pick Up Lists, you can add items to it that you would like to rent, print it out, and even email the list to whoever needs to see it.

Swing by their new website to get a fresh glimpse at their drapery, appliances, columns, gym equipment, and so much more. Oh, and when you do finally swing by Omega, make sure to give Ryan a congratulations. This has been his baby for quite some time.