LCW Props

LCW Special Web PicI have a tendency to miss happy hour specials (and McDonalds breakfast specials), but one special that never has a time limit is at LCW Props!

LCW Special Web Pic 2Their ‘This Month’s Specials’ menu always has something interesting and practical. So for all you bargain hunters out there (including the late ones like me) they’ve always got their specials on display on their website. Not to mention they’ve got many of their props inventoried and searchable on their website so check them out.

Not web savvy? Give them a face to face visit, and take a stroll down prop lane… but I highly recommend trying their website searches too. It’s like Neo and Trinity gearing up in the Matrix when isles of stuff zip past them like speeding trains. LCW Props’ search engine is kind of like that only with a Happy Hour/Month! I bet Neo and Trinity had to pay full price.