Hollywood Studio Gallery / Ed Stephenson

I first met Ed Stephenson in 1976 when he was relocating the set of the Norman Lear sitcom “Maude” to the Metro Media Channel 11 (which was located in 1976 across from KTLA Studios/Channel 5 on Sunset Boulevard… however it was since torn down and is now a High School) I remember fondly that Ed’s standard dress was formal, complete with an ascot. A very dapper look.

Back in the 70’s Ed saw a need for a prop house filled with artwork and opened Hollywood Studio Gallery in 1979. Before that, all Art Departments had to work with were picture frame companies.

Ed’s vision of a prop house supplying original art, photograph poser images and more has continued to grow over the years, and the collection he found has changed with the industry. Since Ed’s dream has become so important in film and television perhaps his vision was even greater than than we thought.

However, there’s much more to Ed Stephenson than sitcoms and the Hollywood Studio Gallery. From 1946 to 1952 Ed worked for the State Department in the far east as the Civilian Director of Entertainment and Music for the entire far east command. During this seven-year period, he produced and directed what became 1,300 Special Service Road Shows of 5,000 performances annually…and this just scratches the surface of his work! (Ed’s densely typed resume is four pages long.)

He started working for NBC as an art director in 1953, and his television career soon took him from TV specials and award shows to sitcoms. Ed continued to work until 1991, designing sitcoms for Witt Thomas Harris. Since his passing several years ago his legacy continues on with his collection at Hollywood Studio gallery with his daughter Tara Stephenson. By her own merit she has become a well respected set decorator in the Entertainment Industry.

Stop by Hollywood Studio Gallery and check out their large collection of paintings, prints, and photographs. Glance through a large assortment of pieces that vary from western, police, Asian inspired, religious items, and even frames. Certificates and framed badges are also available. Their fast turnaround mounting service is geared to the entertainment industry’s speed and will equally surprise you as much as their collection.

Hollywood Studio Gallery
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