Government Assistance for Workers, Businesses, and Non-Profits

We all know about the coronavirus and where to get updates at this point, but what about resources to help those of us either out of work or underemployed? Over here at Debbies Book we want to make sure we share what resources we come across.

If you haven’t yet, follow the IATSE generated link to write to your local representatives about working towards a comprehensive Displaced Entertainment Workers Relief Package.”

By the way, FEMA is currently hiring for assistance and logistics jobs including setting up response centers. In the interim some people may be interested in applying to them. You can see what is available on the FEMA Careers Search Page.

Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) is available for all kinds of industries, including our own. Follow the links below and fill out the appropriate information. You may be surprised what you are eligible for.

Federal and State Assistance

FEMA Rental Assistance and Home Repair Assistance

Small Business Association Disaster Loans

Related FEMA Disaster Programs

The above links are to a Look-Up tool to type in your address. Most counties have not officially declared emergencies yet so you will need to fill out a form, create an account, and await notification. When the County’s State of Emergency has been officially called you will be ready to move forward.

IRS Disaster Assistance

There is some discussion of potential relief from payments to the IRS for around 90 days after April 15th, but there are additional services offered by the IRS

Non-Governmental Assistance

March 24th Update:
The Los Angeles Times released an article detailing where entertainment industry workers can go for help during the coronavirus crisis:

We will get through this, especially if everyone practices safe habits suggested by many health organizations. If you believe we missed useful information or services don’t hesitate to let us know. We are all in this together so be safe, be responsible, and take advantage of any and all programs available to you.

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