Film industry documentary series on prop houses to be released Friday

A limited documentary series chronicling the bizarre world of set decoration warehouses – better known as prop houses – will launch on multiple streaming services this coming Friday.

Titled, “Prop-er Queen: Pickups, Store Returns, and Last Minute Greeking,” the series digs into Lulu Payne and her involvement with the seedy underbelly of set design and decorating, eccentric business owners, and tasty treats.

A peppy, jumps-on-the-bed-when-no-one’s-watching rebel with a penchant for yelling at mailmen, Lulu Payne’s role as the Office Manager of a film and television production resource called Debbies Book is highlighted in this original series where the onslaught of odd personalities working around the industry is brought to light.

Lulu Payne, Office Manager of Debbies Book and Central Figure of Prop-er Queen

“She is like a ruthless toddler living in the heart of Los Angeles,” says one interview subject in the four-minute trailer. “She would just run up and greet you, a distraction tactic while she looked around for hold tags she could pull off, drop to the ground, then place a hold to rent for herself.”

According to some leaks from the production the seemingly innocent story quickly devolves into a mess of murder plots, missing apple boxes, unexpected L&D, and is awash with the politics of who gets to sit where for craft services.

In the works for the last couple of years, “Prop-er Queen,” promises to be both an interesting spelunk into the world of proping as well as the talk of the town as audiences are desperately looking for anything else to watch other than The Office and Pandemic.

The series is produced by the same people who brought us, “Whose Whine is it Anyway,” an unscripted show where a live audience gets a say on which roommate is more deserving of complaining about how things are currently going in their lives and, “Hell’s Grocery,” where celebrity angry person and supposedly good chef Gordon Ramsay admonishes people in grocery store lines for taking unreasonable amounts of necessities and canned goods.

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