Dapper Cadaver may be Moving but their Online Shop is Only Getting Bigger

With all of the hullabaloo going on in the world it can be easy to miss some big changes. Dapper Cadaver is moving, and not just the “further west on San Fernando” kind of move we are all used to. They are moving to Madison, WI.

“But what will happen to all of those fantastic, macabre props including but not limited to limbs, animals in jars, and voodoo pieces?” you may ask? Dapper Cadaver still has those. In fact the big move comes with promises of an updated catalog that will offer expanded options to nab.

Of course, as with every major move, there will be clearance items. The catch is you have only a couple of days to nab them. Reach out to bj@dappercadaver.com for deals on candelabras, caskets, coffins, cemetery dressing and cages. Not to mention office furniture, work tables, and racks (they are a business after all, not just creepy salesmen).

This move is quick, opening up their doors in Madison August 17, and closing their curbside pickups in just a couple of days, Thursday July 23rd.

We will miss being able to easily visit Dapper Cadaver but wish them the best at their new location. Remember their inventory is still available to be shipped anywhere. This isn’t anything to lose your head over. They have plenty for sale already.

Below is an official statement from the owners:

Dapper Cadaver LLC is moving their headquarters from Los Angeles, CA to Madison, WI in August. Our new address is 1018 Stewart Ave., Madison, WI 53713. The business will continue to operate as usual in the new location, offering sales, rentals and manufacturing. All rental inventory will be available for round trip domestic shipping. Keep an eye out for updated catalogs next month with expanded made-to-order items. Madison is a great central shipping hub with FedEx Ground shipping 2 days to NY/GA/LA, 3 days to NM/FL/TX & 4 days to CA/WA.

The last day of curbside pickup in LA is 07/23/20. Please check the clearance section of their website for deals on rental overstock like candelabras, caskets / coffins, cemetery dressing and cages. Contact bj@dappercadaver.com if you interested in any office furniture, work tables or racks. The Madison location is scheduled to open on 08/17/20. Online operations will continue during the transition with online orders being fulfilled after the new location opens.

This industry is innovative, creative and resilient. Dapper Cadaver is excited to participate in solutions that allow the industry to get back to work safely, especially in the realm of using stunt dummies, standing figures, animal replicas and green screen props to meet social distancing requirements on set. Dapper Cadaver thanks the Property Masters, Set Decorators and creative clients that have worked with them since 2006 and hope to continue to serve as their source of death-related, scientific and Halloween props. For any questions or concerns, please email bj@dappercadaver.com. Thanks to all the clients that have reached out with best wishes. BJ & Eileen Winslow will miss LA and plan to visit frequently in the future. 

Dapper Cadaver is an aptly self-described death-related prop house and prop fabrication shop with all manner of items from gross to creepy and beyond.

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