Modern Props Auction – Prop House De-Acquisition Sale

Items in artwork not necessarily a part of sale.

Sometimes props just start to gather dust and it’s time to send them off to a new home.

Modern Props, a large prop house that fits snugly between the 210 and the 118, will be auctioning off around 2,000 items in a couple of weeks. They have always had quite an eclectic inventory so it is particularly exciting for those who like unique pieces. None of their fabricated items will be a part of the auction.

All bidding and payment will be handled online and hosted by Billings Auction – this means Modern Props themselves do not have control over who gets what. As much as Ken would love to help you, he won’t even let ME nab this sweet lamp that caught my eye. It should be noted that you can, and SHOULD, stop by Modern Props to view the lots yourself before logging on for the sale. Physical auction preview will occur over the next couple of weeks, specifically October 14-18 and 21-25 from 10am-3pm.

There will be 2,000 lots available to bid on over the two separate sale days. All manner of lighting fixtures, seating and sofas, desks and more will be up for grabs.

Modern Props Auction Preview Times
October 14-18, 21-25
10am – 3pm PST
972 Griswold Ave, San Fernando, CA, 91340
Auction Times
October 26 & 27, 2019
8am PST

You can also check out the Billings Auction homepage for more info:

Day 1 Auction Items and time
Day 2 Auction Items and time

Located between the 210 and the 118, Modern Props has an inventory that has been collected over 40 years.

If you would like to have your company/production featured contact us! | (626) 797-7699

Aside from Dapper Cadavers, what else does Dapper Cadaver have?

Gore RoomAs many may already know, Dapper Cadaver is the perfect stop for everything dead, almost dead, formerly dead, or looks like it can make you dead. What many don’t realize is that they have other specialties too!

Dino FossilsA recent addition is their separate entity Creatures & Cultures. The items offered under that arm could be considered a little more lowkey but no less desired for sets. I had a chance to see some full plate armor, quite a few dinosaur fossils, and some rather well kept specimen.

DSCN0175The rooms are organized well too (they recently moved to a larger location) so you can really get an idea of what is available for you. Classy caskets and creepy coffins, statues that look like they’re thinking of grabbing you and others that seem pretty calm in one place.

I must admit, however, one of my favorites was hiding behind some boxes. A statue in the form of a giant’s head. Even for the big guys it’s an easy place to lose one’s mind!

Website: &


Cinderella (2015) – Disney’s Recent Live Action Retelling Doesn’t Hold Back

cinderella-movie-2015-screenshot-pumpkin-carriage-1I recently went to see the most recent Cinderella (and only slightly grudgingly). It was hard to believe the movie could be made again and still keep the audience enthralled.

When I came out of that movie pleasantly surprised I found I had a lot of questions. How much of this “live-action” was computer generated; How on earth did they create that ball scene; and where can I see that pumpkin coach?

cinderellas-swarovski-slippersIt was beautiful, from start to finish, and every scene well articulated. Books stacked in an orderly fashion show a family with a thirst for knowledge. The ball room scene (apparently almost completely CGI free) oozes with a royal flair perfect for a fairy tale. As an aside, I have sent a formal request to make Helena Bonham Carter my personal fairy godmother because she very clearly fits the part magically.

To top off the whole shebang, Cinderella’s slippers were made of 100% Swarovski crystal! Why doesn’t the prince ever get to wear something cool like that?!?

PCPA Hosts USITT Mini-Conference

citttrnI want to send out a special thank you to Brian Reed, Tim Hogan, Jeff Allen, Mike Dempsey, Libby Appel, and the students of Allan Hancock College for this year’s California USITT mini-conference.

IMG_0098The afternoon started off with an inspiring speech by Libby Appel who made the convincing argument not just of the need for art but the immutable place it has within every society. She touted the relevancy, endurance and lasting effects expressive art has on the way we remember the past, view our present, and look to the future.

DSCN0097 copyThe speech was then followed by tours of the PCPA campus, resume and portfolio reviews, and a student design and production exhibit competition. There was also a jobs and careers fair where the Kingsman Shakespeare Company, New Rule FX, Rose Brand, Debbies Book and a few others were available to answer any and all of the attendees questions.

It was quite a bit of fun to mill around and I look forward next year!

Eclectic/Encore Props

9k=-36I was curious if there were any “One Stop Shop” prop houses around the Manhattan area and was pleasantly surprised to find one in Eclectic Encore Props. Suri is, to say the least, on top of it.

Upon entering I was immediately greeted by two very pink full suits of armor. This would be a perfect example of what kind of inventory I would come across; things I didn’t even know I wanted.

Just a few minutes of strolling around proved they are working hard to make shopping easy for everyone involved. Binders are placed in every section of the prop house with pictures and ID #’s of the items in that section. They have certainly taken full advantage of RT Pro.

Full china sets, all kinds of lighting, cleared artworks of an varying time periods and styles, electronics, model ships, crystal balls, and taxidermy. I could continue listing the wide variety of items they have if this post had more space. The important thing to note, however, is that Eclectic Encore is one of those places where you will want to walk up and down the aisles to find those items you didn’t know you needed.

Access to their inventory was admittedly a little difficult because the required service elevator is the only way to see all 4 floors of items, let alone get it to your truck. This is the reason Suri and her crew are moving to a new warehouse in a month. She will soon have a a building with driveup docks and much more space for you to move around in.

Stop by Eclectic/Encore Props when you have a chance, even if you don’t need to. Suri will be more than happy to show off her collection.


Arenson Prop Center

2Q==-43Arenson Prop Center was the first prop house with quite a bit of space I encountered in New York. By that I mean they managed to have a fairly large inventory while still being in Manhattan (a feat for anyone really).9k=-37

Filled to the brim with desks, chairs (from desk chairs to airport seating and seemingly everything in between), cleared artwork from different time periods, beds, and anything else furniture related. Their selection is wide enough to be useful, and there are many multiples.

Z-30Before speaking with Richard, I had a chance to walk around and appreciate their selection. Office dressing, fake books, and even a wide selection of American flags along with some greens. One thing I was not expecting was a photography stage right in there with everything else.

The staff is personable and the selection is good. I would recommend putting Arenson on your list of places to stop by for rentals if you’re in New York.


Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

2Q==-44Well lit, well stocked, and staffed with helpful and enthusiastic employees, Manhattan Wardrobe Supply would have been Mama Bear’s choice when it comes to wardrobe expendables because it’s just right.

This is the perfect stop for a costumers needs. Sewing supplies, shoe supplies, make up supplies, even clothing distressing products and laundry supplies. Walking around I saw hundreds and hundreds of yards of every thread imaginable, plenty of stage blood options, many shades of colored Velcro, and a whole bunch more.

Something to note, they are open on Saturdays. It’s nice to know at least someone out there realizes fashion doesn’t stop for the weekend. They are also proud of their online store (which they should be) so check it out. It has competitive prices and reasonable shipping.

Even if you aren’t near Manhattan, you should still check out their inventory. I’m sure you’ll soon make it one of your go-tos.

american foliage & Design Group, Inc

xQBRx1HQfHCB3xEMICevhgWIMQ2jXdEBrglMIaREjxBAFyIJCZARrgAEJ7Lr4Io2dXsNSNAThowAYDKuAA334PmAGGCwEuhJuBCG7RxgAT+ODDkkwymcCEIQih5JM+7LEHk1gy6SFOjo1YYhsetICDASKsoF4gADs=I was curious to see how Greens were handled in New York considering the significantly different weather conditions (not to mention lack of outdoor space in the city) compared to Los Angeles. American Foliage was a great spot to have my questions answered.

The first thing I noticed upon entering American Foliage is that most of their inventory must not be in the city itself. After speaking with Gus, he said they had a warehouse that held most of the trees and foliage. They have live trees up to heights of 35′ and even fakes that reach 25′ over there. That being said they had an acceptable range to choose from even at their listed location.

A quick aside, the logistics behind keeping live greenery in an area with extreme conditions like snow were certainly enlightening to a Southern Californian such as myself.

It is important to note however that like many other Greens businesses they do much more than just artificial and live plants. Statuary, plenty of Christmas dressing, and even lawnmowers and lamps.

For where it is located it is a great spot to swing by. Tell Gus I said hi, I’m sure he’d be thrilled.

New York Prop Houses

homeI had an opportunity to travel to New York a couple of weeks ago and see what there is to see on the other side. I was pleasantly surprised to find there were some solid sources over there.

There was an interesting greens place in Manhattan called American Foliage, a fully stocked wardrobe expendables store conveniently in the Fashion District called Manhattan Wardrobe Supply (they also have a great online store), and two distinctly different Prop Houses only half a mile from each other; Arenson Prop Center and Eclectic Encore Props.

Over the course of the week I will break down areas of interest at each to help out anyone who needs to work over there and doesn’t have a chance to ship over.

An interesting side note, Long Island appears to be the new “center” for the prop houses. My favorites were in Manhattan but even Eclectic is heading over to Long Island within a couple of months.

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