W.M. Creations, Inc

static.squarespaceBehind this inconspicuous building is a plethora of talent and product. Creating a grotesque zombie or aging a person by forty years is no easy task. Quality make-up effects are an important and necessary part of the film and television industry. Making it look as real as possible requires a lot of skill and the knowledge of materials, so that the victim in the morgue scene of your favorite crime show doesn’t look like a cheap mannequin!

For well over 20 years, the creative forces at W. M. Creations, Inc. have been making the art of make-up look easy! Their “works” have been featured in countless TV, film and stage productions. Always looking to stay on top of the latest materials and technology, they can definitely create whatever you may need for your next project!

Website: www.wmcreationsinc.com