Upstage Parallels

Upstage Parallel Display AdIn high school we used wooden blocks to stack and hold orchestras or actors for plays… similar to Legos, or Linkin Logs. People fell, we all laughed, audiences cheer harder, it was all good fun!

However, at some point in performing arts every part of the industry becomes more professional, and more importantly, more safe (thankfully). Upstage Parallels – having staged for the Emmys, Grammys, Academy awards and American Idol – is the definition of professional. Olympus Has Fallen might not have fallen… and it might not have rained cats-n-dogs at that pet grooming contest if they had simply had Upstage Parallels under them!

So if you remember hoping you didn’t get the wobbly booster, or if to this day you always do the orangutan-bounce-test on temporary stages before committing your weight because of traumatic wobbler experiences… come to Upstage Parallels for piece of mind. They can provide you with steel deck, multistage, folding parallels, and so much more.

If competitors on Dancing With The Stars can dance on them without fail, it means anyone can!