Turn of Events Productions

Turn of Events Web LogoTheatrical Draperies, stage curtains, we’ve all seen the glitzy and extravagant drapery set-ups at events. The guys over at Turn of Events Productions can rent you your drapery. Their expertise sells itself with their innovative designs and ability to custom fabricate based on your own ideas.

The backgrounds they create can easily become the foreground! Not only will guests gawk in awe, but don’t be surprised if they mosey right up to these backgrounds and get distracted. So if there is learning to be done – maybe it’s a convention right? Where everyone goes to drink and gamble… I mean learn and expand – then you might consider implementing a penalty for ogling your event drapery instead of paying attention to the event. Like when teachers take your cell phone for using it in class, take their camera – take a selfie of course – then smash it! Just do it away from the drapes.

Website: www.turnofeventsproductions.com