Tractor Vision Scenery & Rentals – From Doors and Floors to so Much More

show_photo-3Isn’t it great to find out you have more options than you thought possible?

Tractor Vision Scenery & Rentals can always fabricate the set you need, but it’s always better (not to mention cheaper and way faster) to just rent what you need.

If you swing over to their website and glance at their rentals the first thing you will realize right off the bat is they have 39 doors to choose from (and more not even uploaded), not to mention the available floors, walls and other items available for rent.

Need a clean hardwood floor for your set? Easy enough, what about a grungy porch flooring? Available too.

Of course they also have scenic artists, large format printing, and event design available so don’t even think of putting them in a corner (unless of course you’re putting their walls or flooring in a corner, that would make sense actually).