The Tiki Hut Company

Tikik Hut Web LogoNext to lush foliage and white sandy beaches, nothing defines a tropical setting like a tiki hut. From hotels to theme parks, The Tiki Hut Company specializes in traditional thatch panels that bring paradise to your doorstep.

A premier custom builder, The Tiki Hut Company can theme your restaurant or resort, using eco-friendly bamboo, natural matting and other natural materials. The company also provides expert fire retarding for new and existing structures. Large decks, docks, boardwalks and small patio decks, Tiki Hut designs and builds beautiful custom decks using Ipe hardwood, pressure-treated lumber and synthetic decking.

They’ve got a reputation as one of the best builders of thatched construction in the industry. It’s always good to go with one of the best.

The Tiki Hut Company

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