The Hand Prop Room – The One Stop Shop Near Mid City

show_photo-3Antiques, trophies, western dressing, Asian props, religious props, and many leather bound books (plus a whole lot more). The Hand Prop Room has collected it all to make your shopping easier.

There is an entire room dedicated to surveillance equipment, another for everything silver, and a whole police/swat room. Monty has also gone out of his way to make their website easy to browse, which is always a bonus. Of course like all prop houses it never hurts though to throw them a call and ask what they actually have in their inventory, it’s always more than their website. Just the other week I was looking for bear traps and sure enough they were one of the people with a few on hand.

They’ve also expanded to fabrication and graphics in the last few years. HPR Graphics can serve all of your logo, banner, and graphic design needs like any good graphics department and HPR Custom can meet all of your prop fabrication needs.

With a regularly updated inventory and the ever necessary knowledgeable staff, you’d be silly not to give them a call.