The Alpha Companies

Alpha Companies Web LogoMy first impression of many prop houses seems to hit hardest immediately after I see their mock sets (you know, the fully set up arrangements that could be used as is for a fully dressed set). Everyone’s got em’ but I’ve never seen as many as there are at Alpha Companies. They seem to have every kind! Fully set up crime labs, conference rooms, even courthouses and birthing rooms. How re-birth-ulous… it’s truly the precedent of this new style of prearranged props.

Just as they rent out full set dressing, they search – outside the country even – for their wide array of furniture and props… so you’re sure to find diversity as refreshing as I’m sure their travels to find them are. They’re all so unique it’s like buying Legos, everyone buys the coolest sets, then switches a couple configurations to make it their own.

Many places will build a set for you, but Alpha likely already made it! Besides, seeing everything laid out together with naturally similar characteristics allows for the ease of swapping its interchangeable parts. That way you can take their idea and twist it perfectly, it makes shopping for props fun again!