Tara Designs

Check out Tara Design’s new video on our website under Asian Antiques & Artifacts. Their showroom pieces have been seen all over, including True Blood (season 5), Rolling Stones Magazine, and Time Magazine (Home of Steven Tyler).

Their furniture and textiles combine traditional designs with modern techniques. Many of their pieces are artfully made from reclaimed woods that have come from decommissioned temples and buildings. Some of these places include parts of India, Morocco, and even Tibet.

Their range of selection is also intriguing. From antique door frames and moldings to coffee tables and beds, they are a perfect stop for home rentals, set rentals, and even personal purchases (they also offer a percentage based commission for purchased rental pieces). If you take a quick look at their website you will see what they can offer. One thing I like about their inventory is that much of it can be used for both indoor and outdoor designs.

At 3,700 square feet, Tara Design is a warehouse full of unique pieces that are perfect for rentals and sales. Design consultants are also available.

Tara Design
Check out their website at: www.tara-design.comlittle budhas