Prop Houses Open This Good Friday (2017)

Some people are working this Good Friday, while others won’t be (and are probably going to have a Great Friday).

For those of us who WILL be working, it’s good to have a list of shops open. Some people will be open for half days (leaving after lunch) so we have split up the list into two with partials closing around lunchtime.

Name Open Partial
Advanced Liquidators
Aero Mock-Ups
Artery Props
Artkraft Taxidermy
Bridge Furniture & Props
Dapper Cadaver
Faux Library
LCW Props
Little Bohemia
Modernica Props
Old N Country
Picture Start Props
Sword & Stone
The Surface Library
ZG04 Decor
Alley Cats Studio Rentals
Hollywood Cinema Arts
Jackson Shrub Supply
Prop Services West
RC Vintage

For a longer list of prop houses on Debbies Book, you can check it out here:
Prop Houses

I hope everyone has a good weekend, whenever that may start!

Faux Library Gets it’s Move On!

Faux Library Moving FlyerAfter years of squeezing into their still pretty roomy building in North Hollywood off of Laurel Canyon Blvd, Faux Library Studio Props is moving further into the valley.

Where? The now former residence of ZG04 Decor actually. And it’s a good thing.

7100 Case Ave,
North Hollywood, CA, 91605

Soon we will all have an even better loop than before with History for Hire, Pinacoteca Picture Props, Alley Cats Studio Rentals and  the addition of Faux Library Studio Props. A buyers dream!

Their phone numbers won’t be changing and all of the same great people will be working inside. The only difference will be even more room (and more props!) and even more accessibility.

Congratulations Faux Library! We are all excited for your expansion.

Website: Faux Library Facebook Page

ZG04 Decor – They’ve Moved and It’s a Good Thing

ZG04 1Klaus and his team at ZG04 DECOR, including the ever present Saul, have been working hard over the last month to get everything up and running at their new location.

The new space is a major upgrade:
A 115,000 sq ft warehouse with all of the original perks from before with added ones too; a 22,000 sq ft showroom; an entire floor dedicated to hand props, lighting and smalls; a lounge area for customers (complete with a bar and snacks!); and rental rooms for production teams to meet and work.

Their new location is now at 12224 Montague Street, Sun Valley, CA 91331:
ZG04 Map

As if that wasn’t enough they will be working alongside 3 other companies.
ZG04 2The aforementioned Line 204, Angstrom Lighting, and they’ve even managed to squeeze Motor Homes into the mix. A good mix to meet the requirements of one of those classic “one stop shops” everyone touts.

In short, everyone needs to swing by ZG04 and see for themselves the new transformation. If you Saul, give him a hug for me, because that poor guy has had his hands full for the last few months.


SDSA GMM – June General Membership Meeting @ ZG04

ZG04 # 1The Set Decorators Society of America had a great turn out at their latest general membership meeting last night at ZG04 DECOR, kindly hosted by the owner Klaus Hasmann.ZG04 # 2

Klaus gave everyone an overview of their new iPad system (Saul was incredibly excited about it last time I saw them) and has already managed to outgrow their current space. So much so actually that ZG04 will be relocating to a new space in the next month! No need to worry of course as they will still be located in The Valley. Klaus he is waiting for Saul to return from his long overdue vacation visiting family out of the country. Something tells me Saul will need another giant vacation after the relocation.ZG04 #3

Philip Hoffman and Shirley Starks were also speakers, welcoming the new members and thanking Klaus for yet again opening up his Prop House to the ever social SDSA members and business members. Everyone in attendance was also given an updated overview of the latest SDSA business model.


Save the Date – Line 204 & ZG04 Decor Team Up for a Party!

a25764a6-9a05-4e46-b391-562cbd7a554eBack to Hollywood! ZG04 DECOR and Line 204 are having a re-opening of their newly renovated stages, conference rooms and support rooms. As suppliers of stages and studio equipment, event multiples and dressing, they have become a one-stop shop for all things prop.

Of course you can light and dress your sets from ZG04 Decor’s fabulous stock of furniture, lamps, and accessories when you are ready to shoot. The only thing you have to bring are the actors.

Congratulations to Line204 and ZG04, and congratulations to everyone else who get’s to eat food, have some cocktails, and enjoy the latest upgrades to their facilities!


Remembering Jim Marin of Art Deco L.A.

I recently found out that Jim Marin, formerly the owner of Art Deco LA, had passed away in Las Vegas.

Jim was bigger than life. As an old biker boy his biggest downfall was his passion for his collection of great Art Deco Furniture lamps, rugs and decorative props.

Al from Al’s Studio Rental had sent me down to meet him at his first location in Hollywood. I never forgot our first meeting. I was walking in past his sign. “Studio Rentals only Everyone Else Keep Out!!!” When I walked past the sign and this big gruff guy in a t-shirt and blue jeans popped up over the large piece of furniture screaming obscenities at me until I walked up to him and introduced myself. At which point he melted into a kitten. Ya he was course, but he looked like he was homeless (or a Hells Angels Biker). I fondly remember him having a big heart though, with a soft spot in his larger than life persona.

Art Deco LA was first located in Hollywood next to Opamp Technical Books (also now gone sadly). He then relocated to the valley in what now houses ZG04 Decor before moving one last time to Lankershim where NEST Studio Rentals is currently located.

Nice to know that all locations that Jim picked turned into Prop House locations. He knew what really worked.

Jim was a colorful character of the Prop House owners and he will be missed. Funny I can still see his mischievous grin.

ZG04 DECOR – A Prop House w/ the Benefit’s of an Event Company’s Inventory

DSCN0199I swung by ZG04 DECOR the other day to see their constantly revolving inventory (plus I hadn’t been there since they first opened last year in April) and I was impressed.

According to Saul all displays are rotated every month or so to allow regular visitors to see different pieces from their inventory in different settings (or at all – they are seriously gaining quite a collection and there are some gems hidden in the corners).DSCN0204

One of the many benefits of their partnership with the event company known as 204 Events is they share inventories and fabrication talent. Need drapes made of a particular fabric and/or color? They can make it happen. Need a ridiculous amount of multiples of chairs, tables, or even chandeliers? Everything in the warehouse is an option.Lamps

Do yourself a favor, even if you have swung by already, and visit ZG04. I know Klaus is always on the search for something more. Their furniture and set dressing options also go beyond the normal Contemporary Furniture with pieces and collections from other time periods.


Student Presentation and Tour @ ZG04 & More

DSC05221Just last Thursday Dec. 11, 2014 Philip and Laura’s separate classes of students came to the valley prop houses for a tour. Afterwards there was an hour demonstration by yours truly on the in and outs of prop houses as well as a breakdown of some of the tools available on our app!

DSC05220The students had a chance to visit three very unique prop houses; History For Hire (great for period and historically accurate reproductions), Alley Cats Studio Rentals (perfect for outdoor street dressing, playgrounds and more), and ZG04 Décor (a quickly expanding prop house of decorative accessories, hand props, and general set dressing).DSC05219

Klaus (owner of ZG04 Décor) gave great information and insight on how designers have limited time shopping, emphasizing how he has combined his skills of design and working on a tight schedule to expedite everything they offer at his new prop house.

A good time was had by all and it’s always nice to see new blood entering the entertainment business that are driven and creative!