Presidents Day Holiday Hours – 2019

While some people will be enjoying a three day weekend, others are working hard to make sure you get the props and related services you need even when the post office is closed.

We’ve made our calls so you don’t have to. Check out the list of prop houses open this coming presidents day!

Advanced Liquidators
Aero Mock-Ups
Air Hollywood
Angelus Medical & Optical Co
Athletic Room
Bridge Furniture & Props
Dapper Cadaver
EC Prop Rentals
Faux Library
Hollywood Cinema Arts
Jackson Shrub Supply
LCW Props
Little Bohemia Rentals
Modernica Props
Premiere Props
Prop Services West
Sandy Rose Floral
Surface Library
Target Props, LLC
U-Frame It Gallery
ZG04 Decor

Hours subject to change. This is a guide based on information collected. Sometimes people change their minds.

**Last Updated 02/15/19 @14:55
If you would like to have your company/production featured contact us! | (626) 797-7699

23rd Annual SDSA Awards Luncheon

IMG_0505This last Sunday the Biltmore Hotel was spilling over with set decorators. Not for any production, not for their regularly scheduled feeding, but for the Set Decorator’s Society of America’s annual awards luncheon.

IMG_0502Around 11 o’clock set decorators, prop house employees, friends and family began to mill around the silent auctions filled with great pieces of artwork while chatting with each other. A beautiful balloon archway greeted every person as they arrived.

Many awards were given out, including to Adrianna Cruz-Ocamo at U-Frame-It Gallery, Fred Arens and Jason Duguay at Ob-jects, and Advanced Liquidators.

The Lifetime Achievement Award of 2016 went to Ann D. McCulley, an incredibly accomplished veteran of set decoration. Her speech was a perfect mix of inspiration and wisdom, showing this award was justly earned.

As per usual there were raffle prizes handed and swag bags full of pens and what appear to be rubber duckies from NEST. Here’s to another fruitful year for the prop industry!

U-Frame It Gallery

show_photoNeed your artwork framed fast? With 1-hour framing, pick-up and delivery, U-Frame It Gallery’s service is hard to beat. From classical to contemporary, from vintage to avant-garde, there’s thousands of frame styles to choose from, and U-Frame-It experts will show you the best options for displaying your artwork and keepsakes. Design consultations are free!

U-Frame-It also has access to cleared artwork, and their custom plaques, engravings and museum frames meet the high quality standards needed for gallery shows, museum exhibitions, archival prints, and award presentations.

U-Frame-It provides services to the film & TV industry, corporations, small business, artists, photographers and the retail public—and they’ve been doing it for over 30 years.


U-Frame It Gallery

9k=-75No you don’t have to frame it …we frame it AT U-Frame It.

Universally known for their incredibly fast service, it’s no wonder the Entertainment Industry loves U-Frame It Gallery.  Studio trucks are always outside for a reason.

For any project or production where you needed it yesterday (though it would have been useful for someone to mention that little fact to the person who had to GET it) U-Frame It will make it happen. They have been zipping out canvas and frames for movies and television shows for decades.2Q==-83

To top off all the love they get from the entertainment industries, this year they were also given ‘The Best Picture Frame Shop” for The Best of L.A. series in Los Angeles Magazine’s Readers Choice award.

When you need something framed, mounted, or matted (not to mention the fact they do custom mirror framing and mirror repair) it will always be picture perfect at U-Frame It Gallery.



Yep, I was framed by Adrianna Cruz-Ocampo of U-Frame-It Gallery on Sherman Way in Van Nuys, family-owned and operated since 1976.  I first came upon U-Frame-It Gallery in 1999.

U-Frame-It Gallery has thousands of frame styles available to complement any picture, memorabilia or décor – from classical to contemporary, vintage to avant-garde. Custom plaques, engravings and museum frames meet the high quality standards needed for gallery shows, museum exhibitions, archival prints, award presentations and much more.

With 1-hour framing, pick-up and delivery, and access to cleared artwork, U-Frame-It’s service to the film and television industry is hard to beat. But whether it’s for the entertainment industry, artists, photographers, corporations, small businesses or private residences, U-Frame-It Gallery experts will show you the best options for displaying your artwork and keepsakes

Contact them for a free consultation.  (818) 781-4500

U-Frame It Gallery