Where to Find Gambling Equipment, Dressing and Dealers

Everyone who is anyone is there. Glasses are overflowing with champagne from bottles worth more than the average income of the lower classes in his district. Girls, music and gambling abound. Poker tables, blackjack, roulette, the works.

The shady mayor is running for reelection. He’s a shoe-in, no one dares to run against him. That’s why undercover cop Hugh Watcherself is here. The mayor is always good to those that are in his posse and Hugh finally got an in. All of the mayor’s cronies get on to the “fundraising” event boat to start off his campaign with a bang. Hopefully no one suspects Detective Watcherself…

L. A. Party Works - Casino Night
L. A. Party Works – Casino Night

Everyone knows gambling equipment. Heck most people have stepped into at least one casino at some point (others quite a few casinos in the last week). It makes sense that casinos should have all the necessary gizmos, gadgets and accessories but where does a production or event get them?

It’s just one dang scene/event so no one needs to buy them! Why take a gamble with a random company when you can just ask Debbies Book?

L. A. Party Works
Eric and his company love putting on events, both on the stage and IRL, of every kind. Sports themed, magicians, clowns and more. One of their specialties, however, is a gambling theme. Roulette tables, poker tables, blackjack and more, LA Party Works has what you’re looking for.

Dealer Dolls
A unique Gambling Equipment event service, Dealer Dolls doesn’t just specialize with inventory, they come with talent. With a fully trained staff that can work everything from a small private event at home to a large-scale fundraiser or network event, they have the know-how, the costumes, and the equipment to make it happen.

R. C. Vintage
Always masters of the vintage and retro, RC Vintage doesn’t stop at that specialization when it comes to gambling equipment. Slot machines, craps tables, casino chips and everything else you need from a time not too long ago can be nabbed over there.

Lennie Marvin’s Prop Heaven
Prop Heaven has a few emphases, and gambling equipment is one of them. Slot machines and card tables are here to rent.

It’s a Deal
Poker tables, craps tables, pai gow tables and much more await anyone who needs to rent them. It’s A Deal is here for all an event or production’s gambling needs, and can even provide custom felts, cards and stools for you.

Honorable Mentions:

Hand Prop Room – Antique and vintage cards, chips, racks, keepers and more.
CP Valley – Slot machines, gambling tables, chip racks and even a raffle drum!
Sony Pictures Studios Prop House (Off Lot) – Cribbage equipment, dominoes cases, lotto games, raffle equipment.

The Hand Prop Room – The One Stop Shop Near Mid City

show_photo-3Antiques, trophies, western dressing, Asian props, religious props, and many leather bound books (plus a whole lot more). The Hand Prop Room has collected it all to make your shopping easier.

There is an entire room dedicated to surveillance equipment, another for everything silver, and a whole police/swat room. Monty has also gone out of his way to make their website easy to browse, which is always a bonus. Of course like all prop houses it never hurts though to throw them a call and ask what they actually have in their inventory, it’s always more than their website. Just the other week I was looking for bear traps and sure enough they were one of the people with a few on hand.

They’ve also expanded to fabrication and graphics in the last few years. HPR Graphics can serve all of your logo, banner, and graphic design needs like any good graphics department and HPR Custom can meet all of your prop fabrication needs.

With a regularly updated inventory and the ever necessary knowledgeable staff, you’d be silly not to give them a call.

Website: www.hpr.com


The Hand Prop Room

Property masters know that when they call on the Hand Prop Room, they’ll get a knowledgeable staff with answers to their production needs. After all, the Hand Prop Room has been operating for over 30 years. And it’s not just hand props, but a full-service prop house.

As always, HPR has a fine collection of items used for hand props and set dressing, but if they don’t have what you need and can’t find it for you, HPR will manufacture it.

Their graphics facility is state of the art, with artists who can provide you with anything from product labels to magazines and custom book covers. Need menus? Let them know what era and your menus will be waiting. The graphic design team is also skilled in engraving, silk-screening, oversize printing, photo retouching and more.

Give them a call. You’ll be in good hands.

Website: www.hpr.com
The Hand Prop Room