Happy Thanksgiving from Debbies Book – 2018

Everyone at Debbies Book would like to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, yes even the runners. Just like most prop houses, we will be closed for the rest of the week.

May you have so much food to eat that you gobble gobble until you can only wobble wobble!

Happy Thanksgiving Week – 2015

It’s Thanksgiving time!

Now just because it is Thanksgiving time doesn’t mean you should place a turkey on your head with a fedora and giant sunglasses, but I’m not saying you shouldn’t either.


We will be out of the office for most of next week to spend time with family and friends.

See you all in December!

Happy Turkey Day – 2014

chasing_smiley_textI hope everyone has been able to get that Turkey, because now is the time to start cooking it (or just find someone else who cooked it).

Gobble gobble!

Everyone will be back in the office Monday, hopefully not too stuffed to start getting the new book ready!

(oops, have I mentioned we are coming out with a new book in January)

Thanksgiving Weekend is Over!

Darn, it’s Monday again. We’ve all had a break (which is always difficult to come back from), and it’s time to step back into gear. Wishing everyone a belated Turkey Bash, stuffed with friends and food (and family too if you’re in to that sort of thing).

The Android App is nearing completion and the iPhone App has some pretty neat updates such as live driving directions to company addresses, so stay tuned!

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