Debbies Book Digest – Scenic Expressions

We spoke with Mark & Robert Larinto, the managing partners of 4 separate set construction and storage companies; Scenic Expressions, Centerline Scenery, Scenic Highlights, and Upstate Rentals. In our series Debbies Book Digest we ask a few simple questions of some of the businesses working in the film, television and event industries about their background, experience, and love of the entertainment fields.

Mark & Robert Larinto celebrating 25 years working with the industry.

Question: What drew you into the film and television industries?

My family has been in the industry since I was child. My father was an executive at 20th Century Fox and my mother was the first employee of Scenic Express, one of the industry’s first set construction shops. Scenic Expressions was borne from Scenic Express. Soon after my mother left Scenic Express, she purchased Scenic Expressions. Within a year my brother Robert & I were working at the business, this was back in 1997.

Question: What strengths do you believe your companies bring to the table?

We’ve had to diversify our offerings but stay within our vertical. So, we offer set construction, rentals, trucking & storage.  All are within our vertical, all have the same customer base & all work together to make our offering easy to use.

Question: What do you believe has contributed to your longevity in the industry?

Relationships are the core of our businesses. We wouldn’t be in business if we didn’t maintain our relationships. There hasn’t been a day over the last 25 years that myself or my partner haven’t been available to our customers. We have staff that handles most of the day to day work, being available to customers is critical to our business.

Question: What piece of advice would you give newcomers to this industry, both from a business perspective and for creatives?

I tell our new employees to work all of the hours they can, because there are times when the industry slows down. I also have had the opportunity to talk to new business owners in the industry & my standard line there is “this is a marathon, not a sprint”. This industry rewards perseverance and steadfastness.

Question: What do you find is most rewarding about working in The Industry?

I love being a part of a creative process. Building sets allows us to play a part in the overall concept that’s being communicated. Whether is a scene in a play, or just set pieces for a musical act. It’s always different and exciting.

All photos provided by Scenic Expressions
Located on Lankershim Blvd, Scenic Expressions has a large fleet of trucks and trailers, and over 500,000 square feet of storage space.

If you would like to have your company/production featured contact us! | (626) 797-7699

Consolidated Scenic Services – Strike While the Iron is Hot [so You Can Finally go Home]

show_photo-1“Strike it!”

It’s time to let Consolidated Scenic Services quickly and efficiently strike your set, transport it, and store it. Consolidated Scenic provides Local 80 grips and Local 399 Teamster drivers not only for strike, but also for a smooth setup—without the need for a collective bargaining agreement.

Consolidated Scenic Services provides more than transportation and grip solutions too. They can also payroll locations scouts, animal trainers and animal handlers. Give Consolidated Scenic a call for more details.


Western Studio Service

show_photoFormed in the heyday of Norman Lear productions and Metromedia, Western Studio Service became the industry’s premier transportation and storage provider. Thirty-five years later, Western remains among the top providers of production storage and transportation.

Union drivers will pick up and deliver with variety of trucks and trailers to meet your needs. Storage options range from open space to lockup to personal assist spaces to private vaults and gated, secured parking is available for production vehicles. Making things even more convenient, Western will keep a photo inventory for you, useful for episodics that need to pull every week.


Consolidated Scenic Services

Consolidated Scenic Services Display AdConsolidated Scenic Services offers not only transportation for your props and sets, but storage AND drivers as well. Forget Uhaul, those guys are slackers; these guys perfectly cater to your vision’s needs, with experience to boot… or truck at least!

They also work directly with Upstage Parallels and Scenic Expressions, Inc. who further cover your platforms, sections, transportation and storage needs.

You could use any old crew to move and store your valuable set – which isn’t exactly replaceable and can not get damaged in the process of moving – or you could induct this rare breed of service into your production and get it done right, without flaw, every time.


Saugus Station Storage

Saugus Station Storage Web PicOnly got half the set ready to go? Maybe just finished a scene, and don’t need that set for a month! Don’t try to smash it into your garage, or leave it in the truck… Saugus Station Storage is experienced in storage for the TV / Film industry specifically. They have room for whatever you need to hold on to; sets, props, vehicles, and even other storage containers.

Unlike the truck, a garage, or a yard – they will keep your things perfectly dry, and certainly secure! They’ve got experience with many studios who continue to trust their service. Get your space now! Or someone else in the industry will.


Western Studio Service

It was around 1975 when I first met Scott and Mark Leonard working at Metro Media on the Norman Lear Tandem T.A.T. shows; one might say the classics: “All in the Family,” “Good Times,” “One Day at a Time”…  the list goes on. It was a little factory, with tapings of sometimes eight shows a week, and the scenery was flying in and out of the stage. Set storage was a need, and was soon to be big business, as the Leonard’s took their new company, Western Studio Service, to new heights.

That was more than 30 years ago, and Western Studio Service has become the premier transportation and storage provider for the entertainment industry. There are 27 warehouses and office buildings on 5 properties throughout Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley where WSS stores scenery, props, and set dec for every major network and studio in Hollywood. With almost 50 acres of property, WSS provides secure gated parking for trailers, show vehicles, specialty motor homes, trucks and tractors.

WSS has grown a lot over the years, but service and care continues to take top priority.

Western Studio Service, Inc.