Saugus Station Storage

Saugus Station Storage Web PicOnly got half the set ready to go? Maybe just finished a scene, and don’t need that set for a month! Don’t try to smash it into your garage, or leave it in the truck… Saugus Station Storage is experienced in storage for the TV / Film industry specifically. They have room for whatever you need to hold on to; sets, props, vehicles, and even other storage containers.

Unlike the truck, a garage, or a yard – they will keep your things perfectly dry, and certainly secure! They’ve got experience with many studios who continue to trust their service. Get your space now! Or someone else in the industry will.


Western Studio Service, Inc

2Q==-80Western Studio Services provides storage for much of the entertainment industries’ treasured set pieces.

With locations throughout the Southland you never know what may be behind a warehouse or airplane hanger.

They provide an unequaled amount of services: Storage, from personal storage to huge warehouses for full set pieces, Transportation rentals for those hard to move pieces, personal inventory by request where employees will take exact inventory of every item that passes through the gates for you. They even have some shooting locations including a complete office with kitchenette.Z-62

Whatever your next project, chances are Western Studio Services can help make it happen, and hold on to whatever you need next time.

Here’s a little view in a hanger at their Playa Vista location.


Western Studio Service

It was around 1975 when I first met Scott and Mark Leonard working at Metro Media on the Norman Lear Tandem T.A.T. shows; one might say the classics: “All in the Family,” “Good Times,” “One Day at a Time”…  the list goes on. It was a little factory, with tapings of sometimes eight shows a week, and the scenery was flying in and out of the stage. Set storage was a need, and was soon to be big business, as the Leonard’s took their new company, Western Studio Service, to new heights.

That was more than 30 years ago, and Western Studio Service has become the premier transportation and storage provider for the entertainment industry. There are 27 warehouses and office buildings on 5 properties throughout Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley where WSS stores scenery, props, and set dec for every major network and studio in Hollywood. With almost 50 acres of property, WSS provides secure gated parking for trailers, show vehicles, specialty motor homes, trucks and tractors.

WSS has grown a lot over the years, but service and care continues to take top priority.

Western Studio Service, Inc.