New Rule FX & New Rule Productions

New Rule FX has moved to a larger facility in Van Nuys so be sure to swing by and check it out. Many of you may remember them as, whose beginning was focused on breakaways and fake food for the theater.

A division of New Rule Productions, New Rule FX has expanded its one-of-a-kind selection of SMASHProps breakaways to include larger items for movie and television productions. One of the newer items is a rubber frying pan. Kinda cool. Let’s hope you never see one come flying your way, but if you did, I hope it’s from New Rule FX.

Check out this video on their website that shows a breakaway in action!

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Eric Hart Prop Master and Artisan

Where did they get all those props? And how did they make them?  Eric Hart has gone 3-dimensional with his new book The Prop Building Guidebook: For Theatre, Film and TV.

2Q==-58Published by Focal Press, Eric focuses on the skills of prop builders and artisans. He gives you the tools & techniques used, both historical and contemporary, for fabricating props. The extent of his explanations is immense: mock-ups, patterns, and construction drawings, he covers it all.

Eric’s blog is a must read for any artisan who wants to follow their creative talents into the work of Theatre, Film and TV.

Check out Eric Hart’s New Book The Prop Building Guidebook: For Theatre, Film and TV


JMK Sculpture, Inc

Z-51Stand among the crowd at a theme park or a parade of floats and you’ll hear someone say “How do they come up with these ideas?” followed by “How the heck did they make it?”

Well, the guy grinning the most is probably Jeff from JMK Sculpture. He is THE go to guy for architectural art, prop fabrication, costuming, and even model building. Z-52Whether he’s working with theme park characters like Dumbo, Donald Duck and even costumes of The Incredibles; working on park ride vehicles, marquees or advertising displays, Jeff will get what you need done the way you want it and within the time constraints.

Z-53Jeff doesn’t just work with theme parks either. Some of his most innovative creations have been for private residence and commercial installations. Every detail of a project needs to be designed before it’s built, and JMK’s meticulous attention to detail is what completes each of his projects.


Art Models & Props, Inc.

Artist Paul Wendling’s detail in his miniature model-making is amazing.  His talents have taken his work into museums and private collections and onto Hollywood sets.

From jewelry miniatures to scale models, display sculptures and artistic sculptures, Wendling’s fine art has been commissioned by Royal Caribbean and Disney Cruise Lines as well as collectors such as Marty Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio, John Travoltas and the Sultan of Brunei.

Seeing is believing. Check out Wendling’s website to see photos of his work and his variety of talents. You’ll want one of his masterpieces for your project or personal collection.

Art, Models & Props, inc