Where’s My Cup Holder?

Long ago and far away, in the early ‘70s, I worked with a prop master on the Norman Lear shows named Tim Schultz. Since then, Tim has gone on to bigger film and TV shows and, along the way, has created tools of the trade to fill those unmet needs in the property department.

indexWhere’s My Cup Holder is just one of the many items that Tim has fabricated. No more hassles with metal cup holders. These beverage caddies are durable and collapsible. They accommodate any size cup or bottle and, best of all, they stay in place.

Yes, you prop masters can thank Tim (again) for making the job just a little easier. But it’s not just prop departments that benefit. Hey, you camera crews! Is that Where’s My Cup Holder I see on your dollies?

Website: www.wheresmycupholder.com

Eric Hart Prop Master and Artisan

Where did they get all those props? And how did they make them?  Eric Hart has gone 3-dimensional with his new book The Prop Building Guidebook: For Theatre, Film and TV.

2Q==-58Published by Focal Press, Eric focuses on the skills of prop builders and artisans. He gives you the tools & techniques used, both historical and contemporary, for fabricating props. The extent of his explanations is immense: mock-ups, patterns, and construction drawings, he covers it all.

Eric’s blog is a must read for any artisan who wants to follow their creative talents into the work of Theatre, Film and TV.

Check out Eric Hart’s New Book The Prop Building Guidebook: For Theatre, Film and TV

Website: www.props.eric-hart.com