AIR Designs

{B0842866-BBAB-42B1-8238-FC46FACE89DA}You’ll find a wide range of set dressings and props at Air Designs. The shop specializes in street, restaurant, bar, coffee shop, lighting, warehouse, NASCAR, automotive and vending machines. From the small items like café trays to the large set pieces like ATM machines or guard shacks, Air Designs’ inventory fills its 55,000-sq.ft. Sun Valley warehouse with what might be everything you need to dress your set.

{20663A63-02BB-452B-B5B3-D9F08937427F}Dan Selover left the company he started in 2000 in the good hands of his sons, who continue to keep Air Designs a top source for set dressing and props in the San Fernando Valley.


The New Bridge Furniture & Props in Los Angeles

DSCN0104Bridge Furniture & Props has been a hot spot to stop in New York for years now, and owner Matt has now made the plunge into Los Angeles.

One of the bonuses of shopping over at the LA location of Bridge? It’s all new, including the multiples. From their decorative accessories and art for rent to their couches and contemporary furniture, every piece hasn’t been used yet.

Bridge Props FurnitureWant to keep it? All of their props and dressing are available for sale as well (and did I mention they were new [see condition of used compared to new furniture]).

Swing on by their place, say hello to their sweet dog, and take in the fresh rental options available.

Q: But Debbie, everything is covered in plastic!
A: That’s to keep it clean. Trust me, their furniture looks great!


E.C. Prop Rentals

show_photo-1We all need them, for every movie. Street dressing and signage. You never know which place has which version we need, and there’s no way to find out who. Or is there? Maybe there’s a sign!

E.C. Prop Rentals has just given the industry a sign that they’re on track. The newest tool to help us find that perfect sign at Here you can browse a category by signs, they’ve even taken the time to input all the text on all their signs so you can just search by keyword (one of our favorite kinds of searches)!

What if you don’t want a biohazard sign, or a dangerous gasses ahead sign, radiation, lasers, or high voltage – rather you specifically need a magnetic field warning: E.C. Prop Rentals’ new search tool will let you know if they’ve got it or not, instantly!

Websites: &

Sony Pictures Studios-Prop House (Off Lot)

Blacklist Sony LogoIf you’ve heard of Sony Pictures Studios, you’ve probably heard of their hit TV show Blacklist – and if you haven’t heard of Sony Pictures, you may have found this blog by mistake and it’s your first time on what we call “The Internet.” Welcome! And yes, everything you read on said “Internet” is true. I know, crazy huh?

In the show Blacklist criminal mastermind Red Redding twists the countries crime fighting agents to do his bidding using his cunning and influence. It is one of those dramas that reveal, in this case, Sony Pictures’ incredible resources as a studio, which is nothing new. I really like Blacklist is my point.

The wonderful thing about studio prop houses is that you can come across what is quickly becoming a century’s worth of cinematic history, and then proceed to rent it. A couple of years ago Sony moved their Prop House to Culver City, conveniently right off of the freeway. Friendly staff, a great drapery department in the back and costuming right around the corner, and a long list of prop rentals are awaiting you there.

Be like Red Redding and take advantage of the resources available to you at Sony Pictures Studios for the betterment of the world.

Yes… that’s it… the betterment of the wooooorld.


Hollywood Studio Gallery

One never knows what treasures they might find or who you might run into at Hollywood Studio Gallery. Yesterday I spotted a Daryn-Reid Goodall in-between the picture frames.

Daryn-Reid GoodallNow I’m afraid I knew Daryn long before he became Mr. Set Decorator Extraordinaire. This would be before he was dressing such shows as Good Luck Charlie, Shake It Up!, Party Down, Castle and one of my favorites MADtv.

I knew him when we were both working in old theater. We first met at a little piece of theater down off of MacArthur Park doing something you won’t ever see on an IMDB page; “Tony & Tina’s Wedding”. That doesn’t mean memories weren’t made.

Ahh the good ol’ days, from who could get the best deal to plenty of other stories, many of which aren’t exactly publishable/legal.

( •_•)>⌐■-■

Lennie Marvin Enterprises / Prop Heaven

Misc_CategoriesThere are many Disney movies which I can fantasize are actual locations, like Aladdin or Cinderella (which, by they way, are all meticulously drawn as historically accurate of their time and place as far as I can tell). At Lennie Marvin Enterprises / Prop Heaven you can find complete scenes straight out of a fantasy like these, all ready to be picked up as one piece and taken to dress a set.

Check out their Asian section, you will feel as though the Disney movie Mulan has come to life! I almost demanded dumplings, and Cantonese roast duck with a dipping sauce… mmm. Their genuine looking artificial food props have made me so hungry I think I will go eat Chinese instead of finishing writing thi…


SDSA General Membership Meeting @ Warner Bros. Property Department

SDSA #7 Warner 1:23:14The loading dock was a buzz with vendors and decorators for the first SDSA General Membership meeting of 2014 this Thursday night.

Robert Greenfield and Amy Hilker again managed to host an opening party that will be hard to top.

SDSA #2 Warner 1:23:14The cocktails and hors d’Oeuvres were yummy and ‘The Collection’ at Warner Bros Property was awesome. If you haven’t yet you must come over and really spend some time viewing all the changes they have added to their available stock.

SDSA #1 Warner 1:23:14On the same note, the Drapery Department is a real treat. This quick snapshot I took really doesn’t do it justice, but the new organizational changes Robert has enacted are pretty sweet!

As always it was a real treat to say hello to fellow members, schmooze with some veteran Set Decorators and eat all the delicious eats.  Darn, it looks like kale and granola for another week now.


Kitsch N Sync

Kitsch N Sync Title LogoSometimes you just need an orange & gold belly dancing statue that’s over 1 foot in length. Other times you need something to “set the scene” as they call it such as a desk calculator from the 80’s.

At Kitsch N Sync you get that rare combination of a couple of experienced Art Director’s research tools AND their collection. They’ve got all manner of 70’s and 80’s items that take you back to a simpler, less internet based time.

Kitsch N Sync LogosTheir inventory is varied. Basic electronics, telephones, and cameras are available alongside toys, medical equipment, and even sculptures. Upon arrival your tastes will fall right in sync with Kitsch N Sync.


Alley Cats Studio Rentals

index-1index-2Alley Cats Studio Rentals has finally jumped out of the metaphorical “Alley” and into the busy “Street” of the internet.

After many years of having a page dedicated to Alley Cats on the RC Vintage page, they now have their very own web page!

2Q==-15Now, before swinging by, you can get a solid grip of their inventory by browsing well indexed pages, from dumpsters and trash cans, playground and benches, to even prison, nautical dressing, and DVD racks!

Alley Cats has a great inventory perfect for outdoor dressing, so click on by their website swing by their warehouse!


Universal Studios Prop Dept.

It’s always to fun to zip into a Studio Prop House like the one at Universal because one never knows what they will find greeting them at the door.

Last week it was a couple of pretty scary guys. However, when you eventually turn around you found a couple of really cool chairs that you just might want to use for that perfect, fun, set piece.

Items always come and go at these major prop houses. I always seem to be surprised at what is in stock and available for renting.

Universal Studios Property Department