Faux Library Moves Again – Bigger and Better

At the beginning of last December I had a chance to check out the new Faux Library location and came away with only one response. It’s big. As in more than 90,000 square feet big.

Needless to say Marc Meyer, the founder and habitual collector of all things Faux Library, is excited (on top of still having and adding to the largest collection of fake books on both sides of the Mississippi). I can only assume Mandy is excited too! 😜

The move will be done over the coming months, planned from January – March. During this transition both their old location on the Case loop and their new location will be open at the same time.

Looking for a specific piece? Throw them a call to make sure you are headed to the right location.

Where is the new location, you ask?
11501 Hart St,
North Hollywood, CA, 91605

When you have a chance go congratulate Faux and check out their new space. Did I mention it was big

Faux Library address before this move was on the case loop:

7100 Case Avenue, N Hollywood, CA, 91605

If you would like to have your company/production featured contact us!
press@debbiesbook.com | (626) 797-7699

Psst! Modern Props has Relocated to San Fernando!

EDIT – Since this posting Modern Props has moved to their new address:
972 Griswold Ave
San Fernando, CA 91340

Well wouldn’t you know, after 20 years Modern Props is moving! We’ve heard through the grapevine that a major player in the prop house circle is picking up their inventory and moving to a new location.

Q: Where are they moving to?

A: They are moving to the city of San Fernando off the 118. The address will be announced later when the move is complete.

Q: Now the important information, are they holding on to their entire inventory?

A: Yes! The new location will have just as much space for all of those gizmos, gadgets, artwork and more that you’ve come to know and love.

Q: If they are moving now, when will they be up and running again?

A: They are not closing during the move. There will, undoubtedly, be some downtime (they ARE moving an entire prop house). The move begins February 1st, will take a couple months and there will be limited access to all inventory. You can be sure they will do their best to minimize the disruption of business.

Website: www.modernprops.com

[Hot] Dog Days at Warner Bros – A Tasty Surprise on the Lot

IMG_5747Today we hit the lotto. While visiting Victor over at the Warner Bros. Drapery, Upholstery & Flooring Robert and Amy were serving up dogs and burgers to their crews and the many decorators who arrived for their end of summer bash.IMG_0857

I got to visit with Tara from Hollywood Studio Gallery and Set Decorating fame and other friends while Bryce was put to work serving up Root Beer Floats.IMG_5746

Thanks for the yummy lunch (and the sugar overload from the root beer floats)!


Ruby’s Road Trip Visits: Bridge Furniture & Props ATL

Another place I wanted to swing by was Bridge Furniture & Props in Atlanta. Matt has been expanding to multiple states over the last couple of years and I was interested to see what they had going on here.
Claire Foley (the Atlanta location of Bridge’s manager) showed us around. Their same genre of art and contemporary furniture is also a part of the collection over in Atlanta.
IMG_4509Lighting, furniture, and more abound!
IMG_4506If you are in Atlanta, you will not regret swinging by Bridge Furniture & Props. They’ve got a great collection that won’t need to be shipped (of course they have collections in 3 states, so shipping isn’t out of the question either).

SDSA GMM – October General Membership Meeting @ Dapper Cadaver

IMG_0230As many know, if you need something macabre, sci-fi, or just plain creepy Dapper Cadaver can get it in your hands, they even fabricated with a quick turnaround!

Last Thursday they were kind enough to open their doors for another Set Decorators Society of America general membership meeting. Many of the regular things were discussed about events coming up and money raising goals but there was an emphasis on the SDSA’s involvement in the upcoming WestEdge Design Fair.IMG_0216

Some of the best moments at the meeting were comparing the costumes (as it was encouraged for all attendees to come in costume) some of which were absolutely outstanding.

IMG_0237Getting everyone under the roof for the meeting also allowed newcomers and regulars to see how Dapper Cadaver expanded their inventory to more than just the dead and post-dead. Creatures & Cultures, the newest addition to the Dapper Cadaver family, has loads of taxidermy, Egyptian artifacts, and much more (including a good collection of dinosaur skeletons and bones)!

Many thanks to Eileen and BJ for hosting a very fun soiree, and I look forward to seeing what else may be in store for their… well store.

Websites: www.dappercadaver.com & www.creaturesandcultures.com

SDSA GMM – August General Membership Meeting @ Warner Bros. Property

WB #1 8-20-15It is always nice to be reminded of what is located at Warner Bro. Property, and even more exciting to see what’s new. Robert Greenfield is always keeping the inventory fresh while holding on to the classics, a rare but important talent that is needed for any prop house.

Of course it is also nice to have some delicious grub and conversation with the current membership of the Set Decorators’ Society of America and their business members.

WB #2 8-20-15Walking around I noticed the presidential furniture has it’s own little dedicated space now (watched over by some Mr. Smiths from The Matrix), the chandelier room still has a large variety to choose from, and downstairs The Collection awaits it’s next use. I wish I had thought to take a photo of the giraffe legs sticking in from the ceiling down there though. That one caught me by surprise.

The meeting, post-schmoozing of course, went without a hitch. During a few words from Shirley Stark, Ralph of Hollywood Studio Gallery, and Robert Greenfield the raffle winners were announced, many of them donated by LCW Props. Bryce actually won a bottle of Tito’s vodka (that I assume will be shared with the office) from Lennie Marvin’s Prop Heaven.

All in all it was a great meeting, with a very large turnout (and very delicious desserts)!

Website: www.wbpropertydept.com

Air Hollywood – Just Plane Everything

Air Hollywood‘s 60,000-plus sq. ft. studio houses mock-ups of airline cabins with economy and first class rows, cockpit and lavatory—all fully dressed and camera-ready, allowing you to shoot interiors free of airport security issues. The aviation-themed studio also has a turbulence platform and an airport terminal stage. Props & set dressing are available for rent, and set design & fabrication services are provided for a fee.

Air Hollywood has several great programs beyond its production services. The studio partners with the nonprofit Open Sky for Autism to help the autistic adventurers and their family members acclimate to air travel, allowing everyone to prepare for and enjoy the travel experience.

The K9 Flight School training acclimates your service dog and furry companion to the busy and crowded airport environment, TSA check points, narrow aisles, airplane takeoff and landing, and airplane turbulence. The school will also certify your dog, making your airline arrangements and trip a lot easier.

Air Hollywood also has The Pan Am Experience. If you’re too young to remember the days of Pan American Airlines, think Catch Me If You Can or the TV series Pan Am. It’s a Pan Am museum/dinner theater experience that transports you back to the golden era of air travel.

Website: www.airhollywood.com

AIR Designs

{B0842866-BBAB-42B1-8238-FC46FACE89DA}You’ll find a wide range of set dressings and props at Air Designs. The shop specializes in street, restaurant, bar, coffee shop, lighting, warehouse, NASCAR, automotive and vending machines. From the small items like café trays to the large set pieces like ATM machines or guard shacks, Air Designs’ inventory fills its 55,000-sq.ft. Sun Valley warehouse with what might be everything you need to dress your set.

{20663A63-02BB-452B-B5B3-D9F08937427F}Dan Selover left the company he started in 2000 in the good hands of his sons, who continue to keep Air Designs a top source for set dressing and props in the San Fernando Valley.

Website: www.airdesigns.net

The New Bridge Furniture & Props in Los Angeles

DSCN0104Bridge Furniture & Props has been a hot spot to stop in New York for years now, and owner Matt has now made the plunge into Los Angeles.

One of the bonuses of shopping over at the LA location of Bridge? It’s all new, including the multiples. From their decorative accessories and art for rent to their couches and contemporary furniture, every piece hasn’t been used yet.

Bridge Props FurnitureWant to keep it? All of their props and dressing are available for sale as well (and did I mention they were new [see condition of used compared to new furniture]).

Swing on by their place, say hello to their sweet dog, and take in the fresh rental options available.

Q: But Debbie, everything is covered in plastic!
A: That’s to keep it clean. Trust me, their furniture looks great!

Website: la.bridgeprops.com

E.C. Prop Rentals

show_photo-1We all need them, for every movie. Street dressing and signage. You never know which place has which version we need, and there’s no way to find out who. Or is there? Maybe there’s a sign!

E.C. Prop Rentals has just given the industry a sign that they’re on track. The newest tool to help us find that perfect sign at www.ecpsigns.com. Here you can browse a category by signs, they’ve even taken the time to input all the text on all their signs so you can just search by keyword (one of our favorite kinds of searches)!

What if you don’t want a biohazard sign, or a dangerous gasses ahead sign, radiation, lasers, or high voltage – rather you specifically need a magnetic field warning: E.C. Prop Rentals’ new search tool will let you know if they’ve got it or not, instantly!

Websites: www.ecprops.com & www.ecpsigns.com