Lennie Marvin of Lennie Marvin’s Prop Heaven Passes

Lennie Marvin of Lennie Marvin’s Prop Heaven passed away on March 30th, 2017. As a pioneer of the Prop House business, Lennie built one of the original continually successful resources now in the Valley while also being a tenacious force. Many years ago the baton was taken by Keith Marvin to run, but Lennie’s impact will always be there.

This is a huge loss to the filmmaking community and our thoughts go out to his family at this time.

When I heard the news I felt compelled to pull out an old “Spotlight” on Lennie that Debbies Book published in the 2004-05 19th edition of Debbies Book. The text below was as follows:

“My first encounter with Lennie Marvin was in 1977. Rodney from Ballier Trucking Service was loading a jukebox onto the lift gate of the truck, and remarked, “You better clean off that dulling spray from that jukebox…Lennie ain’t gonna like this!” Who’s Lennie?! Well, I soon found out.

And jukeboxes are just the tip of the iceberg at Lennie Marvin Enterprises. His collection continues to expand every year. You will still see Lennie every now and then, but his son Keith watches over the company these days. And never fear…Keith has a family of four little Marvins ready to continue the tradition of a family-run prop house.”

Where to Find Gambling Equipment, Dressing and Dealers

Everyone who is anyone is there. Glasses are overflowing with champagne from bottles worth more than the average income of the lower classes in his district. Girls, music and gambling abound. Poker tables, blackjack, roulette, the works.

The shady mayor is running for reelection. He’s a shoe-in, no one dares to run against him. That’s why undercover cop Hugh Watcherself is here. The mayor is always good to those that are in his posse and Hugh finally got an in. All of the mayor’s cronies get on to the “fundraising” event boat to start off his campaign with a bang. Hopefully no one suspects Detective Watcherself…

L. A. Party Works - Casino Night
L. A. Party Works – Casino Night

Everyone knows gambling equipment. Heck most people have stepped into at least one casino at some point (others quite a few casinos in the last week). It makes sense that casinos should have all the necessary gizmos, gadgets and accessories but where does a production or event get them?

It’s just one dang scene/event so no one needs to buy them! Why take a gamble with a random company when you can just ask Debbies Book?

L. A. Party Works
Eric and his company love putting on events, both on the stage and IRL, of every kind. Sports themed, magicians, clowns and more. One of their specialties, however, is a gambling theme. Roulette tables, poker tables, blackjack and more, LA Party Works has what you’re looking for.

Dealer Dolls
A unique Gambling Equipment event service, Dealer Dolls doesn’t just specialize with inventory, they come with talent. With a fully trained staff that can work everything from a small private event at home to a large-scale fundraiser or network event, they have the know-how, the costumes, and the equipment to make it happen.

R. C. Vintage
Always masters of the vintage and retro, RC Vintage doesn’t stop at that specialization when it comes to gambling equipment. Slot machines, craps tables, casino chips and everything else you need from a time not too long ago can be nabbed over there.

Lennie Marvin’s Prop Heaven
Prop Heaven has a few emphases, and gambling equipment is one of them. Slot machines and card tables are here to rent.

It’s a Deal
Poker tables, craps tables, pai gow tables and much more await anyone who needs to rent them. It’s A Deal is here for all an event or production’s gambling needs, and can even provide custom felts, cards and stools for you.

Honorable Mentions:

Hand Prop Room – Antique and vintage cards, chips, racks, keepers and more.
CP Valley – Slot machines, gambling tables, chip racks and even a raffle drum!
Sony Pictures Studios Prop House (Off Lot) – Cribbage equipment, dominoes cases, lotto games, raffle equipment.

Lennie Marvin Enterprises / Prop Heaven

Misc_CategoriesThere are many Disney movies which I can fantasize are actual locations, like Aladdin or Cinderella (which, by they way, are all meticulously drawn as historically accurate of their time and place as far as I can tell). At Lennie Marvin Enterprises / Prop Heaven you can find complete scenes straight out of a fantasy like these, all ready to be picked up as one piece and taken to dress a set.

Check out their Asian section, you will feel as though the Disney movie Mulan has come to life! I almost demanded dumplings, and Cantonese roast duck with a dipping sauce… mmm. Their genuine looking artificial food props have made me so hungry I think I will go eat Chinese instead of finishing writing thi…

Website: www.propheaven.com

Lennie Marvin Enterprises Prop Heaven

Z-31It’s summer time and the living is easy… at first.

Knowing that some scene in your future will take you to your favorite Farmers Market may sound nice until reality begins to set in. Where there is a Farmers Market there is a very real need for fresh produce. Of course, where there is fresh produce there’s something even more difficult, flies.

9k=-38Well if you don’t know what to do about that 3 day shoot that’s full of fruit it won’t hurt a bit to swing by Lennie Marvin’s to check out their produce. It all looks like the real deal but without any of the hassle.

One word of advice from some personal experience however. Don’t try to eat them, no matter how real those peaches may appear.

Lennie Marvin Enterprise, Inc. Inventory Results

The holidays may technically be over, but that doesn’t mean you need to stop enjoying them.

Swing by Lennie Marvin Enterprises and you can keep warm on these belated holidays in a Santa chair while sipping a hot cup of joe, conveniently from the coffee cart with an espresso machine.

Just because it’s already the New Year doesn’t mean you have to stop listening to all those  Christmas carols and New Year tunes, I’m sure the jukeboxes at Lennie Marvin will have something to warm your back-to-work blues with Christmas nostalgia.

Street Vendor Carts, Neon, Coffee Table

Lennie Marvin Enterprises / Prop Heaven

My first encounter with Lennie Marvin was in 1977. Rodney from Ballier Trucking Service was loading a jukebox onto the lift gate of the truck when I heard, “You better clean off the dulling spray from that jukebox. Lennie ain’t gonna like this!” “Who’s Lennie?” I asked. Well, I soon found out.

Lennie Marvin Enterprises was located at 1105 Hollywood Way in Burbank until 1993 or so, when his son, Keith, started working at the business. They outgrew their Hollywood Way space and relocated to 3110 Winona Ave., where they are today.

Lennie has no longer limited himself to jukeboxes either. The prop house has turned heavenly (Prop Heaven) with dressing for restaurant & bar, department & retail stores, grocery store, jewelry, dry cleaners, flower shops, airports, park & campus outdoor seating/kiosks, casino/gambling, coffee shops and so much more! There’s a great selection of neon and nautical too!

Website: www.propheaven.com
Lennie Marvin Enterprises / Prop Heaven