lggrpFirst time I met Randy he was located in a warehouse in Monrovia, California. Deep in the back were rows and rows of motorcycles. Some went so deep that you had to climb up some stairs and squeeze by a couple of rows to see his inventory.

You would discover all kinds of motorcycles in MovieMoto’s collection. From the odd and unknown to the staples: Russian, Japanese, American, and British bikes. He had quite the collection! An even better bonus was that if you needed pairs or triplicates he most likely had the selection of multiples you would need.

Well that was several years ago, but his hobby and collection are still close to his heart. He’s now in a new building with plenty of space to easily view his 500 classic and exotic motorbikes.


Los Angeles Haunted Hayride – Greco Decor

Z-1Don’t go into the woods tonight unless you’re on the Tractor Ride at the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride. Greco Décor Prop & Event Rentals has once again raised the bar along with raising the dead with many of his props being used (and fabricated for) a hayride through the old zoo area at Griffith Park.

Their tractor ride through the woods is a scary treat filled with live goulish ghosts and monsters, plastic and jarred bodies, along with all manner of creepy things grabbing at you as you creak through the trees passed graveyards and other fun “hauntery“.

9k=Along with the ride you can go through the corn field of terror as well as check out their “Boo”-tique shop. In another direction were ghastly photo op areas, perfect for your yearly Christmas card  with complete set ups including electric chairs, saws, and body parts. My favorite side attraction, however, was the Scary Go Round.

Located in Griffith Park at the Old Zoo Area, past the Ranger Station, you will find this attraction. It’s still going on so see if you can make it!


Greco Décor Prop & Event Rentals

Z-16From red carpet premieres to wild event parties Greco Décor Prop & Event Rentals has been dressing these events in style. From domes and tents to the actual furniture under under their cover, Greco Décor has got quite the inventory (and quite the experience)..

There showroom location is just off the 2 Freeway in case you need to see their collection in person. Pottery, mirrors, pillows, and carpets of all kinds are available for rent. Of course sometimes you need a little more than just rentals and Greco Décor can swoop in to help. They are more than happy to consult on your next big event, including rendering and floor layout planning!

If you are wary of their experience, there’s really no need to be. It’s where the Golden Globe Party of 2012, Paramount’s 100th birthday party, and the Cirque Du Soleil Iris Premiere have dressed their events.


Eric Hart Prop Master and Artisan

Where did they get all those props? And how did they make them?  Eric Hart has gone 3-dimensional with his new book The Prop Building Guidebook: For Theatre, Film and TV.

2Q==-58Published by Focal Press, Eric focuses on the skills of prop builders and artisans. He gives you the tools & techniques used, both historical and contemporary, for fabricating props. The extent of his explanations is immense: mock-ups, patterns, and construction drawings, he covers it all.

Eric’s blog is a must read for any artisan who wants to follow their creative talents into the work of Theatre, Film and TV.

Check out Eric Hart’s New Book The Prop Building Guidebook: For Theatre, Film and TV


“Founder’s Day” at History for Hire

9k=-53It was a Happy Birthday celebration on Thursday at History For Hire, or “Founder’s Day” as it was aptly named.

The many people that came to honor Jim also had the chance to munch on a lot of delicious food.Z-44

Here’s to many more “Founder’s Day” celebrations, because if there was one thing I know, the ‘Founder’s Day Cake” was yummy!


J & M Special Effects

index-10So you need sheets of hail or rain and it’s a sunny day in July.

J & M Special Effects can meet your weather needs any day, anytime and anywhere you are. Need billows of fog, smoke or flames? J & M’s pyrotechnics will give you the jaw-dropping spectacle you’re looking for — on stage or on location.9k=-66 Wondering where to get blasts of confetti for a small party, a convention or a New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square? J & M Special Effects can make it happen.

Z-56Located in Brooklyn, J&M Special Effects has become the premiere go-to source for live special effects in the New York area and prides itself on having the most diverse stock of effect equipment for rental on the East Coast.


Independent Studio Services

9k=-71Firearm and weapon scenes on movie sets are always taken very seriously by the industry, and at the ISS Weapons Department it’s no different. Their staff of professional armorers are known for helping out production teams with choosing the correct weapon and training everyone from actors to handlers on their proper use to ensure everyone’s safety.

They have tactical training sessions for actors, and even a private firing range!

The fabrication of these “non-guns” have the look and the feel that ensure an actor can become the character, and the technology of these props are top notch. They will fabricate more than just guns too; swords, gun accessories, and more.

If you need to create some weapons and train your actors, take a shot with ISS.


Jet Sets

When Verzion needed a custom motorcycle droid, when Lady Gaga wanted a metal sculpture on a rotating platform, and when Sony needed an exhibit for its Playstation lounge at E-Expo 2012, Jet Sets got the gigs.

In fact, they’ve been getting a lot of gigs fabricating scenery for commercials, still shoots, music videos and motion pictures for over 25 years. They take amazing designs and turn them into stunning realities. Don’t believe me? Check out this portfolio.

Jet Sets

Covert Cocktails

Martinis anyone?

Ever wonder how many cocktails spill on the floor when filming a cocktail party or bar scene? For that matter, how do all those actors stay sober…?

Covert Cocktails was born from a need. Realistic looking cocktails, including faux olives and artificial ice cubes. Dana McCall, who created Faux cocktails for a show, quickly realized the potential of what she had and tuned it into a business.

The glasses have a liquid looking solid that is easily rinsed. They never leave a sticky residue and there are no worries about clothes being spilled on. Individual and assorted packages are available. Don’t forget to spruce up your drink with faux garnishes, she has those too.

Covert Cocktails

Art Models & Props, Inc.

Artist Paul Wendling’s detail in his miniature model-making is amazing.  His talents have taken his work into museums and private collections and onto Hollywood sets.

From jewelry miniatures to scale models, display sculptures and artistic sculptures, Wendling’s fine art has been commissioned by Royal Caribbean and Disney Cruise Lines as well as collectors such as Marty Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio, John Travoltas and the Sultan of Brunei.

Seeing is believing. Check out Wendling’s website to see photos of his work and his variety of talents. You’ll want one of his masterpieces for your project or personal collection.

Art, Models & Props, inc