Jet Sets – Practical Effects Can Look Digital and Awesome

Jet Sets, a prop and set construction company located in North Hollywood, has recently posted a couple of pieces they created on their blog.4005_1189x841_WM_F1_UK_P13878_R1

One of my favorites has to be their unique design of LED embedded polished acrylic. Originally their client wanted a neon frame that could be placed on a car to give the impression the car ran like a race car. After neon was deemed too fragile the team over at Jet Sets made their desire a reality with their clever implementation.

With a crack team of designers, fabricators, and all of the tools necessary to get the product out, Jet Sets has always been one of the go to companies for getting your idea completed. Onsite CNC routers, 3D printers, and a fully staffed graphics department allow them to make almost anything become a reality.

IMG_0008The next time you need anything made why not swing by and chat with their team, they’ll get your set or prop up and running before you can say, “Thanks Jet Sets, you really saved my butt on that since neon is a pretty fragile medium and the cars will be running pretty quickly. Not to mention getting there and installing it may break it before we even attempt to get the shot!”

That may be a mouthful but two sentences is actually a really fast turnaround.


DeRouchey Foam

Have foam, will travel.

1f62a1_b16c2444db78a6a6c76b5b137f49c5d6.png_srz_p_145_145_75_22_0.50_1.20_0DeRouchey Foam’s mobile operation meets your production needs with its reliable foam products and services. DeRouchey has a library of molds of various textures and surfaces, allowing them to recreate rock and cave walls, brick, trees, pilings, aged wood and other hardscapes. Besides urethane coating, FlexCoat is also available for waterproofing for things like water tanks built on soundstages.

For you sculptors out there, DeRouchey’s Burbank/Glendale facility has affordable sculpting bays, foam blocks and spray coatings to meet your artistic needs too.

Check out there info as I’m sure you are foaming at the mouth in excitement over what they have to offer.


Can You Guess Where These Come From?

Sometimes you need a life sized statue of a busty woman in a blue slip. Other times you need control panels and sonar displays.

Modern Props -1 Modern Props 2 Modern Props 3

Well if you guessed Modern Props you’re right. Everyone should swing by their place at least every once in a while to check out some of the cool stuff they have. They fabricate all kinds of futuristic props (that often having moving parts and fancy blinking lights!) and also have a rather large selection of furniture from of many styles.


New Rule FX

Index1It’s fun watching a scene where items are being broken apart, or people are being flung through windows with ease. What wouldn’t be so fun is if the chair or other props were real… it would actually be pretty painful. Believe me, I have certainly gotten myself into a couple of bar fights.

Good thing is New Rule FX is there to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Located in Van Nuys, their facility provides a large space to work on their realistic creations. From bottles to cinder blocks, they can create many different breakaway and non-breakaway items for your project. If you need a customized effect or prop, they can do that as well!


Greco Décor Prop & Event Rental

Lightning in a Bottle 4-9-14 blogFrom the luxurious Hunger Games Premiere to the Lightning in a Bottle Event, Greco Décor Prop & Event Rental has done (and can) do it all. From Tribal symmetry to futuristic decadence, their events are always cutting edge.

greco decor hunger games eventTheir set-ups are sure to impress even your most carny-like guests who have seen it all… just ask em; Cirque Du Soleil seemed to enjoy their event! So whether you want your event to be a Paramount Party or something Stranger Than Fiction Greco Décor has a SALT(y) Premiere for your attendees.


Special Effects Unlimited

Special Effects Unlimited Web Pic 2Wide shot on a burned out crop field scene, filled with only scorched tools and broken dreams. Suddenly, lightning strikes followed by a downpour. Because the weather has no wrangler, Special Effects Unlimited is at the ready to step in. Special Effects Coordinator Allen Hall recreates and puts the elements in check for you—how you want, when you want. Their physical special effects range from weather effects to explosions, and their experience is vast. Some effects simply can’t be added during post production, so get it done right with Special Effects Unlimited.Special Effects Unlimited Web Pic 1

They also provide special effect rentals and have the ability to fabricate breakaways and custom props! If you want your special effects to not be limited, check out Special Effects Unlimited.


Flix FX

Flix FX Display AdWe all know what a struggle it is to find the perfect prop or animatronic that fits the ideal image you have in your head. But why settle on something that’s close to what you want, when Flix FX is fully prepared and amped up to customize it and give you exactly what you want?!

At Flix FX, the goal is to ensure your production completely fulfills the fabulous creations of your wildest dreams. If Benjamin Franklin applied for a job here today, they might take him as an apprentice—if he agreed to mop floors in the many different Flix FX workshops. Yes, they are that innovative.


Woody’s Electrical Props

Woodys Web PicNeed a military, space, futuristic, vintage, or any other command center? Dressing up a James Bond style sneak and sabotage scene, or a science lab? Maybe you’re like Bryce over here at Debbies Book Inc. and you simply feel at home amongst a plethora of electrical gadgets (I think he’s some kind of cyborg).

Woodys Display AdThen you must check out the Star Ship Enterpri… I mean – Woody’s Electrical Props. They have so many types of electrical props that you could dress an entire ship, submarine, plane, bunker, or home base with sophisticated looking computers and control panels.

Don’t tell Bryce I said anything about his possible cyborg-ery. I’m sure it’s just a phase…


Action Sets & Props/Wonderworks

Wonderworks Display AdThe folks over at Action Sets & Props / Wonderworks have invented an ingenious way to breed super-human giants! Ok, ok they actually make miniatures for set… but the quality is so high that you can’t decipher the difference between the sets and real buildings.

One of their undeniable specialties is also their large collection of NASA Dressing. All manner of spaceship, real and imaginative, are available for rent. Plus, if they somehow don’t have it, prop design & manufacturing are also their specialty!

So if you need a pillaging Godzilla, or a nuke destroying a city, tone it down – in size – and make the rest of your effects even better by ease of both editing and size of the special effects in the scene, by shrinking the entire set!

You could put one in your garden and blow your neighbors mind, and then blow it up! Or simply have that building you need for the shot exist outside digital supplementation, and place the real deal in the background. I still prefer blowing it up though.


Charisma Design Studio, Inc.

CharismaDesignAdThe guys over at Charisma Design Studio, Inc. take the term signage to a whole new level… and medium. They couldn’t be more appropriately named, the term charisma really is a sign that their fabrications are top-par.

They also create custom art, and sculptures, and they are prop fabrication specialists. They’ve already created many popular works of art that you’ve seen on TV and in Film, so let them boost your shot’s vigor with their cunning and contemporary seasonings. Their work is fresh, new, and (dare I say it) charismatic.