License to Find: A Debbies Book Tale Press Release

Production on License to Find: A Debbies Book Tale will begin in June with Alan Smithee directing Faye Kinget as the lead of the film. Direct to Ree Productions and Relatively Media have reached an agreement with Alsoran Studios to partner on the worldwide streaming release of the film.

Directory lead and relations manager Debbie (Faye Kinget) has been searching her whole life for a rumored prop dating back to the creation of the color television. Joining an expedition led by fellow directory lead and Debbies Book CEO Lulu Payne (Sue Dunham), Debbie finds a locked warehouse in Mid-City that contains a clue linking the prop to a popular television series that was recently cancelled. But when Lulu is distracted by a squirrel to chase, Debbie has to race to get to the prop house on her own before production finalizes their budget.

Faye Kinget will be playing the role of Debbie alongside Sue Dunham as Lulu Payne and a brief appearance by Joe King as Bryce. Director Alan Smithee (The Birds II: Land’s End, Hellraiser: Bloodline) will direct from an original screenplay by Golden Sticker Recipient (The Land Before Time: Rain of Fire) Gogh Withet with production set to begin on June 25, 2019. Relatively Media will release the film theatrically in the US on November 21, 2020 through its new joint venture for domestic theatrical distribution with Annakarenina Pictures, and Alsoran Studios will release streaming internationally commencing with an earlier release in Bulgaria on November 7, 2020.

Producers Cart Befferörs and Pat Kallinkettle-Black commented, “We are delighted to announce the first installment of the Debbies Book franchise. We will begin shooting at whatever studio is cheapest in June.”

“Under the leadership of Cart and Pat, we couldn’t be more thrilled to bring the first Debbies Book adventure in propping to the big screen uniting the incomparable Faye Kinget with the extraordinary vision of Alan Smithee,” said Relatively Media’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, Candice B. Fureal. Relatively Media’s President, Motion Picture Division Shirley Knot added, “It has been 16 years since the cult classic Debbies Book: Listing Away was distributed by Relatively Media and it’s incredibly gratifying to be releasing this film alongside the powerhouse team at Alsoran Studios.”

Malabar Coast Living Closing Auction

One very unique resource in Los Angeles will be closing it’s doors this week, and with it it’s ability to source Indian, Balinese, Chinese, Tibetan, Thai, Moroccan and many more styles of furniture and accessories. Due to the nature of the liquidation, everything must go.

Following their final weekend of sales (of which I would highly recommend everyone go check out) the last of their stock will be auctioned off ending this Wednesday at 12pm, September 27th. The auction will take place at their latest location:

Malabar Coast Living
500 N La Brea Ave,
Los Angeles, CA 90036

You can check out what’s available, along with what will be missed once the auction and sales are over an the Auction Nation website here: Malabar Coast Living High End Imported Furniture Auction

Items up for sale are the same as they always have been; Asian doors, unique consoles and cabinetry, Asian themed furniture, carved statues including Buddhas, folding screens, bar stools and beyond.

It is recommended that you stop by beforehand and see what you can grab before it goes up for auction!

[Auction Announcement] – Angel Appliances is Closing its Doors

Sepulveda, CA, August 17, 2017 – The very unique and trusted prop house Angel Appliances is closing its doors after more than 60 years of business: At 9 o’clock on Tuesday, August 22nd, both online and at their address (8545 N Sepulveda Blvd, North Hills, CA, 91343), the “doors” will open.

You can access the online live bidding at the following page: Angels Appliances/Trucks/Inventory

  • Please note: Props shown throughout the link – many toward end of list. Practical and cut-away props noted.

The auction itself will run from 11 to whenever their inventory is all accounted for and promises to have some very unique items available. For those familiar with Angel Appliances, you know that the items up for bid are going to include a wide array of brand new, vintage, antique, and down right unique appliances of many kinds. The list of items will include but not be limited to; refrigerators; stoves; washing machines; air conditioners; dishwashers; cooktops; venthoods; and more. They also will have items such as coin operated laundry machines and break room appliances.

It will be a loss to the set decor community no longer having all of these items in a single location. Their knowledge was an extra bonus to nabbing the appropriate piece. Of course, everyone is allowed to finally retire. Now is a chance for new homes to carry their torch (or pilot light in this case).

For more information you can email Lisa at

You can also download the flyer for their auction here.


Below is a transcript of the original press release:

*Photos are a representative sample of items being sold. Not all models in photos are available.

Angel Appliance has closed its doors. Thank you for your business all these years!
In business – 1955 on. SDSA member – 2001 on.

Location:   Online & In-Store 8545 N Sepulveda Blvd, North Hills, CA, 91343
Time:   9 am viewing; 11 am bidding starts [on Tuesday, August 22nd]

Link showing items for sale: – look for the Aug. 22 auction of appliances
Please note: Props shown throughout the link – many toward end of list. Practical and cut-away props noted.

1920 stove to modern appliances. Kitchen, home laundry, laundromat & more. Practical & background.

Retro Bicycles – The Start of a New Chapter

BOOK_ADSometimes you need to track down the right bicycle, you need it in multiples, and just can’t seem to get it in your hands. Retro-Bicycle, a new bike shop in Monrovia, is the perfect stop for you then.

With an emphasis in Schwinn Stingrays and custom builds, they’re a perfect stop for that one of a kind bike or the multiples you need for that shoot.

They recently sent out a press release about their desire to work with the industry. To know more, read below:

Retro Bicycles Starts a New Chapter

Los Angeles, CA, May 12, 2016 – Sean Caro, president of Retro Bicycles, is leading the cycle-centric company towards the entertainment industry.

Retro Bicycles has begun expanding as an independent prop house that specializes in “old-Skool” Schwinn stingrays, banana seats, springer forks, shifters, flower baskets, white walls and more. “We also have a large selection of period bikes, beach cruisers, 3-wheelers and lowriders,” says Sean.

From custom bicycle designs to classic styles the people at Retro Bicycles are ready to serve your cycle needs, on time and on budget.

Retro Bicycles Press Release


Folkmanis Puppets – Puppet & Toy Maker Celebrates 40th Anniversary

horizontalcenteredlogo_1976For four decades now Folkmanis Puppets has successfully brought life to the plush. From stage puppets to finger puppets they have experience making all kinds of cartoonish to lifelike puppets.

It’s always exciting to hear about good companies that have established themselves well enough to expand their reach across the globe and Folkmanis is among them. For the industry they have worked with a myriad of productions, and theaters have benefited from their inventory.

Have an event where you want everyone to get a puppet? Talk to them about their wholesale availability.


You can read a snippet of their recent press release below:

(EMERYVILLE, CA) Folkmanis® Puppets is ecstatic at the recent induction of the “puppet” into the Toy Hall of Fame. The good news coincides with the specialty toy maker’s 40 anniversary, marking four successful decades of puppet innovation that has catapulted the boutique brand to premier status in the toy industry. By all accounts, Folkmanis has achieved the pinnacle of success in their mission to bring this ancient art form to the masses and transform it into a popular modern plaything.

“For forty years we have taken great pride in providing classic, evergreen toys that are a mainstay in toy collections around the globe,” says Maria Fortez, Marketing Manager. “We endeavor to keep pushing the boundaries in plush puppets as we uncover new sources for inspiration.” Read More

On Set Graphics Announces Pilot Season Discount

Need bulletin board artwork for any school, police station, community center or more? Check out their 100% cleared artwork over on their website.

Marc and Alyssa over at On Set Graphics want to help with your next or current project. Until April 10th all of their artwork has a 10% discount. You don’t even have to use a promo code!

They also have flyers, posters and documents ready for downloading to print at any time.


Canadian Art Prints & Winn Devon Art Group – Narrow Down Cleared Artwork

There are plenty of sources for Art for Rent, thankfully, so we can all have access to the variance required for different productions and genres.

Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to narrow down which have been legally cleared for production. Thankfully there are services like CAP & Winn Devon’s, where they clearly state what can be used for public reuse!

On their large online database you can browse all artwork available, as many allow. The kicker is that they state what can be used on the artwork’s page! Below is a reminder sent out by Canadian Art Prints & Winn Devon Art Group recently:

Debbie's book blog


Castle Antique Announces Their Black & Gold Collection, Plans for More

gI_59824_black-goldUnique furniture and dressing is often key to many sets (and home furnishings). Castle Antiques & Design is one place where you know you can find such items.

They have just sent out a press release along that same vein. Their new Black & Gold collection (sleek ebonized furniture with classic designs) is now available. Not to rest on their laurels they have also said there are new lines to be announced as 2016 progresses!

You can read their press release below or follow this link to their official announcement:

Furniture For A Gilded Age: Ebonized Look Revived for 2016 Collection

Castle Antiques announces the launch of the Black & Gold Collection. This collection is the first of the many new collections Castle has planned for 2016. The Black and Gold collection came about for Castle because the technique of “ebonizing” furniture is age old and it looks fantastic with the gilted bronze ornamentation. These pieces are absolute stand outs. They can be used as a single one-of-a-kind piece in a room, or they can also take on an updated look to mix and match with any type of furniture style in a home.

Now officially available, The Black & Gold collection pieces are comprised of French and European styles dating from the Louis XV, Louis XVI, Regency and Empire periods. The pieces are refinished with black lacquer; it makes the gold ornamentation pop beautifully hence the Black & Gold collection. Ebonizing originated in the 16th century and was popularized in the late 19th century. Castle Antiques is reviving the ebonized look in 2016. This collection is meant to be paired or mixed with metal finishes and colors, such as gold, silver and bronze, which are the new trends for 2016.

Established in 1975, Castle Antiques originally started as wholesaler to other antique dealers across the United States. They expanded operations and began catering to interior designers, large design firms and private collectors. Castle Antiques is in the process of expanding online operations in 2016. They are the largest family-owned antique dealer on the west coast, and maintain a 35,000 square ft. showroom full of rare and one of a kind pieces imported from Europe.

Over the years, Castle has evolved into a full service fine antique furniture repair, upholstery and restoration shop, offering an unparalleled level of excellence and craftsmanship.


ClearedINK, one of our cleared art providers, has sent out a press release with two announcements:

  1. For the month of August there is a 25% discount on artwork if you purchase two or more images at once. That’s a pretty sweet deal when you think about how you will most certainly need more than one art piece in the first place.
  2. The second announcement for August is that 10% of any ClearedINK purchase over $500 will be donated to a charity called Free Arts. What a great way to make your production’s money do a little good while still getting the art you need!

Even if your purchases are for personal use it’s always nice to get a discount AND help a charity, so head on over to their website and find what you need before the end of August!


ClearedINK’s Press Release:


For the month of August we will be donating 10% of any ClearedINK purchase, over $500,  to Free Arts.  Based in Culver City, Free Arts is a non profit arts program working with children who have experienced abuse, neglect, poverty and homelessness, or at the risk of falling through the cracks in Los Angeles.

Check out their website at – and a great place to volunteer!

Screenshot 2015-08-05 11.17.15



Every so often we will select a different Arts program for us to share with, any suggestions are welcome!


For those of you who don’t know us:

ClearedINK is an online platform providing direct access to cleared art and photography, for use as background set dressing, around the clock.

It only takes a few minutes,  once you’ve selected your images, to receive a cleared image file in your in box. The ability to share wish lists, within your departments, allows Production Designer, Set Decorator, Co-Ordinator and Director to collaborate, purchase, size, print and frame as needed. 

An automated End Users License Agreement (EULA)  is available on the ClearedINK website allowing permission to use the image on a project by project basis.  Feel free to keep the image for your future projects, simply submit your new project information, pay the fee and the image will be cleared again for use right away  – particularly handy for those last minute changes and out of town projects.

There’s plenty more information on our website and lots of questions answered on the FAQs page. If you don’t see your question answered there, send us an e mail or call for a chat.

During the month of August we are offering a 25% discount on the purchase of 2 images or more.

Thank you to those of you we have worked with recently,  and to new clients, we look forward to your giving us a whirl!

Stephen Kenn – Unique Handcrafted Furniture and Accessories Summer Shop Sale

Stephen Kenn_SummerShop_Insta2I’m a sucker for functional art, and that is a perfect description of all of Stephen Kenn‘s lines.

From high-end couches made of welded steel frames, leather belts and repurposed WW2 military fabric (the Inheritance Collection) to sleek, fine leather bags (the Encounter Collection) there is always something for everyone who wants to live with a little extra flair in their life.

This summer, for the next 6 weekends, Stephen Kenn will be opening up their studio for coffee, tea, cocktails and special prices on a bunch of their inventory (and others’). You can check out the press release below:

Stephen Kenn Summer Shop Press Release

Stephen Kenn will be opening his downtown LA
studio to the public for 6 weekends this summer July
11th–August 16th for a special pop up shop event.
The Summer Shop will be open each Saturday and
Sunday from 10am–6pm, with coffee and tea served all
day, and cocktails served each evening. The shop will
feature brand new designs from Stephen Kenn, including
many additions to his leather bag line The Encounter
Collection, and some items exclusive to the Summer
Shop. The new Display Collection of modular shelving
will also be presented for the first time. All items will
have special, unadvertised pricing exclusive to Summer
Shop customers. The shop will also be highlighting
products from other Los Angeles-based brands, and
there will be various events throughout the series of
weekends, featuring ambassadors from the other
brands involved.

You can also check out their website to get an idea of most of his lines and recent work (also I want the travel cocktail kit, like now).

Stephen Kenn Travel Cocktail Kit _ In Use