[Video] A Love Letter to Plywood – Breakdown of Plywood Video

My good friend Tim Hogan, the properties director at PCPA, brought this wonderful video to my attention and I felt compelled to show everyone else the video.

It is called, “A Love Letter to Plywood,” but it is much more than that. It is an excellent breakdown of the uses of plywood and an introduction to how to implement those uses.

Check out the video below:

Love Letter to Plywood. By Tom Sachs from Tom Sachs on Vimeo.

A Wonderful Breakdown of Production Design Using Chairs

I was recently speaking with my good friend Tim Hogan over at Pacific Conservatory Theatre (PCPA). He sent me a great video that breaks down the importance of production design; through examples of chairs.

There are, of course, some iconic chairs (the Iron Throne comes to mind from Game of Thrones) but even the seemingly mundane chair can paint a scene in a certain light. The video goes on to explain how the use of chairs can define character traits, allude to the undertone and mood of an interaction, or simply be a tool for comic relief.

Check out the creative and very well thought out video below:

Website: www.pcpa.org

Great New Invention – The Gaff Gun

I’m always a fan of new inventions, especially ones that make life simpler.

My friend Tim Hogan of PCPA recently emailed me a video of this sweet gadget. Instead of having to get on your hands and knees to lay wire and tape it down, you just walk!

Check out the video below to see it in action. According to the video they will start shipping out orders in December.

Website: www.gaffgun.com

PCPA Hosts USITT Mini-Conference

citttrnI want to send out a special thank you to Brian Reed, Tim Hogan, Jeff Allen, Mike Dempsey, Libby Appel, and the students of Allan Hancock College for this year’s California USITT mini-conference.

IMG_0098The afternoon started off with an inspiring speech by Libby Appel who made the convincing argument not just of the need for art but the immutable place it has within every society. She touted the relevancy, endurance and lasting effects expressive art has on the way we remember the past, view our present, and look to the future.

DSCN0097 copyThe speech was then followed by tours of the PCPA campus, resume and portfolio reviews, and a student design and production exhibit competition. There was also a jobs and careers fair where the Kingsman Shakespeare Company, New Rule FX, Rose Brand, Debbies Book and a few others were available to answer any and all of the attendees questions.

It was quite a bit of fun to mill around and I look forward next year!



PCPA California’s Central Coast’s resident Professional Theatre Company had their students tour CBS Studios on Beverly Blvd. Wednesday.

Home of ‘Dancing with the Stars’, ‘American Idol’, and and so much more (especially when you consider who has come through over the decades).

Their tour guide was Production Designer Renee Hoss-Johnson of  Wheel of Fortune fame. She allowed the students this rare opportunity to visit. The students got to visit all of CBS’s support departments and even had a chance to chat with their department heads.

Jody Vaclav Wheel’s Lighting and Set Designer also helped out with the students exploring, giving some very useful insight when the students arrived at each of CBS’s talented departments.

PCPA Website: www.pcpa.org