Prop Houses Open This Coming July 5th (2019)

It’s that time of year again where everyone gets together, grills hot dogs, and tries to blow everything up but their hands.

This year July 4th falls on an awkward day, Thursday. That means some people, with their hands hopefully completely still intact, have to get back on the production wagon the Friday after festivities.

As is our custom we’ve asked so you don’t have to. So without further ado (and even fewer explosion jokes related to limb safety) here is our list of prop houses who will have their doors open for you this Friday, July 5th:

Advanced Liquidators
AIR Designs
Alley Cats Studio Rentals
Alpha Companies
Angelus Medical & Optical Co., Inc.
Athletic Room
Faux Library
Green Set (pickups only, office closed)
Hand Prop Room
History for Hire
Independent Studio Services
Inter Video
Lennie Marvin (Prop Heaven)
Little Bohemia Rentals
Modern Props
Modernica Props
NEST Studio Rentals
Omega/Cinema Props
RC Vintage
Sony Prop House (Off Lot)
Surface Library, The
Target Props LLC
U-Frame It Gallery
Warner Bros Property

Hours subject to change. This is a guide based on information collected. Sometimes people change their minds.

**Last Updated 07/01/19 @ 12:49 pm
If you would like to have your company/production featured contact us! | (626) 797-7699

Ob•jects Moves to the Valley!

Objects Map Final Wishing Ob•jects a happy “Welcome to the Valley”!

Their new building is now open for business. You can’t miss which building is Ob•jects, their new sign outside is outstanding.

Just drive down Clybourn and turn onto Keswick, the building is on the north side of the street!

Now their inventory of Contemporary Furniture, Fantastic Light Fixtures, Art for Rent, Statues, and so much more is even more easily accessible to everyone in the Valley.



From the day Tom Bugenhagen first opened Ob•jects, then on Beverly Blvd., it has always been a touch of class. With nearly 30,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space, Ob•jects is filled with upscale furnishing and accessories, BIG and small, that will stand out in whatever space you’re decorating.

Now located on Holdrege Ave. in L.A. near Culver City, Ob•jects rents unique pieces from classic to contemporary, and you’ll find the staff very knowledgeable. Check out their online collection. It’s still evolving as more items go up, but you’ll get an idea of the many styles of furnishing available for your project.

If you need anything, V.P. and general manager Fred Arnes is always accommodating too.

Ob-jects BIG & small