PSW Expands with New Showroom in Van Nuys

Just outside the new PSW Haskell Annex

Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings, the Hollywood-centric production hub that owns (among many other entities) the prop house Prop Services West (PSW), recently acquired Paladin Cine Rentals. Along with an even larger lighting and grip operation, they also acquired some new real estate.

When I heard that some of that new real estate was going to be used to expand PSW’s footprint I had to visit. Anyone who has visited Prop Services West knows their inventory has quite a selection. Their inventory includes a large selection of home decor and dressing such as kids room, home kitchen, dining room, school, office and more along with more contemporary rentals, sports, musical instruments, various lighting and assorted wall dressing (including cleared art).

What a comfy couple of couches!

Their new space will be used to primarily show off vignettes, helpful for decorators who are looking for just the right setup to point to and rent so they can keep moving. They will also store multiples efficiently so you can see how many you have to work with.

The new 6,000 sq ft space, named PSW Haskell Annex, is open now. Take a second to stop by, see what’s set up (more is on the way) and say hi to Tamra from us! Did we mention there’s a loading dock?

PSW Haskell Annex
8019 Haskell Avenue,
Van Nuys, CA 91406

If you would like to have your company/production featured contact us! | (626) 797-7699

A Final ‘Tally Ho’ to Tally Ho Marine Salvage & Decor

Allan Johnson standing in front of a fraction of his nautical junkyard collection.

Allan started Tally Ho a little over 42 years ago selling used netting for decor. Companies like Aaron Brothers, various fish restaurants and bars would send their interior designers over to Tally Ho to grab fixed up and affordable fishing nets. As is often the case it wasn’t long until the entertainment industry found him too.

As his nautical junkyard grew he started to gain the attention of more than just themed restaurants. Walt Disney Imagineering (WDI) started to call on him for their themparks. This led to a natural progression into the world of film and television rentals.

Allan and his company Tally Ho began to work with productions such as Hook, Waterworld, Amistad, Hidalgo, and plenty of others. He had become the “outdoor nautical guy” to the few interior nautical guys. He even had opportunities to work with people like Steven Speilberg, Rosemary Brandenburg, and many others.

But now Allan is throwing in the retirement towel. As he puts it, “the film industry has treated me well but it’s time for me to wrap things up and move on.” Now in his 80’s, Allan intends to spend more time with his wife, Annie, and other friends and family.

Where has his inventory gone? Warner Bros Property has scooped up a couple truckloads of items deemed fit for their property department and the rest, though a bit in limbo, may go off to some private collections.

To Allan, from everyone at Debbies Book and the rest of the entertainment industry, “Fair Winds and Following Seas.”

Drones, Laws & How it Could Affect Filming

BT-AB853_DRONEI_M_20150513183017It’s no surprise that the filming industry’s use of drones has begun to take flight. They can get the shot surprisingly cheaply with little risk to anyone (far more economical than using an aircraft).

When I read a Wall Street Journal article today (here), I couldn’t help but wonder what the repercussions of strict laws may have on this new innovation. It seems many government agencies such as the FAA, Police Departments, and local representatives are attempting to tackle this issue; albeit independently.

Arguments of where does public property end and private property begin come up as well as what is allowed to be recorded. According to the article some local governments have completely banned the user of drones, essentially pushing away any filming with drones that could have occurred there.

I am certainly no expert on drones, let alone filming with them, but I believe it is important for filmmakers to have the option to use them for the benefit of the viewer.

But, what do I know?

Where to find the dang drones to help with your filming, that’s what.

A History of April Fools

Everyone is looking over their shoulders today as we step into the holiday commonly known as the International Gathering of the Crazy, Hilarious, & Unexpected (or IGotCHU).

On April 1st at the beginning of the Pliocene period, the drastic change of weather and global temperatures was a Jurassic Krank (JK) played by Earth on the many tropical creatures and fauna of the Miocene period.

The Pliocene period saw other unexpected changes, all made on different April 1sts over the millenia, including Africa colliding into Europe, North and South America Knocking into each other to create the Panama connection, and lower sea levels that allowed animals and people to cross over to the Americas from Asia. The latter set the stage for a brilliant prank in the future to be played on Europeans (who famously believed that they had discovered the entire world only to find out there was an entire world they hadn’t seen before on the opposite side of the Earth that was now suddenly not flat too).

Now we have simpler pranks, such as links to banana pie recipes, images of cute cats, and fake news articles.

Here is a link to a video of the actual history of April Fools:

Inner Gardens Nursery Destroyed in Major Commercial Building Fire

InnerGardensLogoMany of you may know the nursery on Jefferson Blvd Inner Gardens. A great spot for high end gardening supplies, pottery, and of course; plants.

According to KTTV’s website around 7:30pm on January 16 a fire was reported coming out of the top of the building. Thankfully no one was physically injured and the fire did not spread but our support goes to the owner of Inner Gardens.

We hope their recovery as they look to rebuild their entire Jefferson Showroom is quick and they bounce back soon.


Graphene – The Microscopic Material that May Change the World

Printable circuit boards. Incredibly efficient batteries. Bendable screens.

These are just a couple of the possibilities many are saying will be possible (and in some cases are now already possible) in a commercially viable way. Oh, it’s also the second strongest material in the world.


Check out this BBC video about the material, how it’s made, and some of the complications with the procurement of pure carbon. I can’t wait to see how this will revolutionize many fields, especially entertainment!

Some Good News and Some Bad News – San Jose Repertory Theatre Closes with an Online Auction

San Jose Repertory TheatreSan Jose Repertory Theatre has closed it’s doors after declaring bankruptcy. It is a major loss for the local community, where the theatre has been an integral nonprofit live theatre for 34 years.

As one can imagine 34 years is quite a bit of time to accrue sets, wardrobe, props and plenty of construction equipment are up for sale. Everyone who is interested should take a look at the auction page on the website where bidding will start August 12.

The building itself will most likely stay. Now owned by the city, officials are working to keep it open for the community.

Auction Website:

California Film & Television Production Alliance Rally Reminder

FILM_WORKS_LOGO_COLOR_CALIFORNIA_WEBSITE_BACKGROUND844351As many may already know, this Saturday is a Small Business Rally Kickoff at ISS with food, music, and drink. Finally, after years of grumbling and a serious lack of action, Assembly Bill 1839 is gaining steam.

Over the last 15 or so years the entertainment industry has been spreading outwards and away from it’s Hollywood roots in search of the best tax incentives. In the works is a sustainable tax bill to keep (and in many cases bring back) the industry into the fold where talent has settled down over the last 90 years.

Food, music, and drink will be available as people from all facets of The Industry gather to hear from the coauthors of the AB 1839 bill talk about it’s benefits. It’s important to remember that even businesses not directly associated with the industry need filming and post-production to be done here. Those employed by the industry provide economic benefits to all communities in the area (ie income and property taxes).

Did I mention there will be food, music, and drink there too?

Saturday, March 15th, 2014
11am – 1pm

9545 Wentworth St
Sunland, CA 91040

RSVP to Ray


Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Updates Name & Image

Television Academy Web LogoWith their “New Look – New Vision – New Destination” campaign currently in the works, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has started off with a simpler name: The Television Academy.

Kicking off with the announcement of a $40 million dollar fundraising campaign, this new make-over will include more scholarships, internships, and most excitingly of all a new state-of-the-are multipurpose theatre. The theatre will even include the capacity for digital production, and will be available to all Television Academy staff.

It sounds like an interesting new step for the Academy so let’s keep a close eye on what’s next!


SDSA General Membership Meeting @ Warner Bros. Property Department

SDSA #7 Warner 1:23:14The loading dock was a buzz with vendors and decorators for the first SDSA General Membership meeting of 2014 this Thursday night.

Robert Greenfield and Amy Hilker again managed to host an opening party that will be hard to top.

SDSA #2 Warner 1:23:14The cocktails and hors d’Oeuvres were yummy and ‘The Collection’ at Warner Bros Property was awesome. If you haven’t yet you must come over and really spend some time viewing all the changes they have added to their available stock.

SDSA #1 Warner 1:23:14On the same note, the Drapery Department is a real treat. This quick snapshot I took really doesn’t do it justice, but the new organizational changes Robert has enacted are pretty sweet!

As always it was a real treat to say hello to fellow members, schmooze with some veteran Set Decorators and eat all the delicious eats.  Darn, it looks like kale and granola for another week now.