New Debbies Book in the Works

2Q==-59Rumor has it there is a new Debbies Book coming out, codenamed ”Debbies Book: The Movie”, and it’s coming to a theater near you this summer.

Full of strange creatures & objects, wild individuals who have mind-boggling talent, extraordinary effects, animals, vehicles that climb mountains only to immediately fly into space… and that is only in the first 2 minutes.

Without spoiling the movie too much let’s just say that there is a beginning, middle and end, a twist before the end, a minor twist before the twist before the end, and a post-credits scene that will blow the minds of the audience.

Expected to be a trilogy of trilogies (3 movies for each of the three parts) the overarching storyline follows a user as they traverse the darker reaches of those hard-to-find-props. Some must be manufactured or replicated, others simply rented (there are even some multiples requirements) as the production the user is working on comes to completion in an epic final trilogy.

Expected to be best experienced in 3D, you can get a free ticket voucher for this upcoming movie event only today by calling or emailing us.

You can also get in on the experience early by downloading the Debbies Book App!

Ph: (626) 797-7699

J & M Special Effects

index-10So you need sheets of hail or rain and it’s a sunny day in July.

J & M Special Effects can meet your weather needs any day, anytime and anywhere you are. Need billows of fog, smoke or flames? J & M’s pyrotechnics will give you the jaw-dropping spectacle you’re looking for — on stage or on location.9k=-66 Wondering where to get blasts of confetti for a small party, a convention or a New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square? J & M Special Effects can make it happen.

Z-56Located in Brooklyn, J&M Special Effects has become the premiere go-to source for live special effects in the New York area and prides itself on having the most diverse stock of effect equipment for rental on the East Coast.


Action Sets & Props/WonderWorks

You know your Space Shuttle replica set is spot on when even NASA lists you on its website and every major space film in the last three decades has used your Shuttle set.

If you’re headed to Mars, your first call has got to be to Action Sets & Props/WonderWorks.  WonderWorks is a full-service design company serving the film and theme park industries for over 31 years. Realism is in the details, and WonderWorks has mastered the art. You’ll find not only Space Shuttle replica sets but also space suits and various miniatures of planes, trains, ships and automobiles.

Beam me up Scottie. But first send me over to WonderWorks.

Action Sets and Props / WonderWorks, Inc.

Lane Ranch & Company

Get ready to ride! Lane Ranch has been a real working ranch since 1908 and a supplier of horses, cattle and other livestock to the entertainment biz since 1976. Located right here in California, Lane Ranch not only provides livestock but also authentic farm and ranch equipment, saddles, stagecoaches, windmills, automobiles, mechanical bulls and more.

The folks and animals at Lane Ranch have worked on films such as City Slickers II and Hidalgo, television productions such as Deadwood, and commercials for Wells Fargo, Budweiser and others. The credits go on. So if you’re prepping to roll camera, you best saddle up and ride on out to Lane Ranch.

Lane Ranch & Company

Image Cube

How big, you ask? Bigger than life! Image Cube can print your graphics GINORMOUS.  With state-of-the-art technology, the Image Cube team can print up to 16 feet wide by 100 feet long on a variety of media from paper and vinyl to canvas.

Got an upcoming tradeshow? No worries. Image Cube creates branded promotional products, fliers, A-frame signs, banners, floor graphics and posters and will clad your booth in all kinds of colorful imagery.

Image Cube does not just limit themselves to print either. If you need a website designed or maybe just a new logo, Image Cube will work with you to get the look you need to brand your company.

Check them out for all your marketing needs.

Image Cube

W.M. Creations

W.M. Creations makes aging an art… make-up art that is. Deceased bodies rise from the dead in time for lunch. Women are suddenly 8 months pregnant. And in a matter of hours you’ve put on 50 pounds.

Since 1985, W.M. Creations has been innovating and creating make-up effects of various sorts from bald caps to horrific traumas. Matthew Mungle and Clinton Wayne are masters of their art, but I’m sure you already know that these guys are among the best. However, for the few of you who don’t know, check out W.M. Creations’ photo gallery. You’ll be wowed!

W. M. Creations, Inc.