Prop Houses Open This Good Friday (2017)

Some people are working this Good Friday, while others won’t be (and are probably going to have a Great Friday).

For those of us who WILL be working, it’s good to have a list of shops open. Some people will be open for half days (leaving after lunch) so we have split up the list into two with partials closing around lunchtime.

Name Open Partial
Advanced Liquidators
Aero Mock-Ups
Artery Props
Artkraft Taxidermy
Bridge Furniture & Props
Dapper Cadaver
Faux Library
LCW Props
Little Bohemia
Modernica Props
Old N Country
Picture Start Props
Sword & Stone
The Surface Library
ZG04 Decor
Alley Cats Studio Rentals
Hollywood Cinema Arts
Jackson Shrub Supply
Prop Services West
RC Vintage

For a longer list of prop houses on Debbies Book, you can check it out here:
Prop Houses

I hope everyone has a good weekend, whenever that may start!

Modernica Props

Modernica has a great collection of vintage mid-century modern furniture ― unique and distinct pieces that capture the era perfectly. What is really great is that Modernica has multiples in many of its items and in a great selection of colors.

The prop rental house is located on 7th Place in downtown L.A. where Modernica houses its furniture production facilities and offices. They’ve expanded into a larger warehouse space. One would think five acres would be enough, but not for Modernica. The company is growing by leaps and bounds.

Modernica Props