We Will Always Have Paris – Galerie Sommerlath French 50s 60s to Close

Galerie Sommerlath, the boutique furniture, decor, art et al shop owned by “French-born and Moroccan-raised” Michele Sommerlath has announced they will be closing by the end of the year.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to have dedicated my life to curating beautiful things for my clients’ beautiful spaces.” She wrote in a press release. “Sadly, nothing lasts forever.”

Known to many as a go-to spot for French and Moroccan styled mid-century modern, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s decor they will be sorely missed.

They will be open to the public for walk-ins until December 15th, at which point they will be available by appointment only.

You can view a copy of their press release below:

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press@debbiesbook.com | (626) 797-7699

Omega/Cinema Props New Website Launch

j14ssn2TYGmcjuylIHxdxueDc+GZ8Oz4f378Sy6SVo6LTfbDGx4Njwbng3PhvfvxRP9bIwTSyQSk11xS2Tss2r814Znw7Ph2fBseF8PvP8Lr9WyaEtPS+cAAAAASUVORK5CYII=It’s here! The Long awaited update to Omega/Cinema Props’ website has been launched.

Now you can view a large portion of their inventory in the comfort of your own home. The CP buildings are known for their wide range of products in multiple warehouses, so this is something any set decorator can appreciate.

2Q==-13Along with the sleek new design of their new website Omega has also launched some tools. You can now log in and create your own “Wish List”. Similar to Debbies Books own Pick Up Lists, you can add items to it that you would like to rent, print it out, and even email the list to whoever needs to see it.

Swing by their new website to get a fresh glimpse at their drapery, appliances, columns, gym equipment, and so much more. Oh, and when you do finally swing by Omega, make sure to give Ryan a congratulations. This has been his baby for quite some time.

Website: www.omegacinemaprops.com

Universal Studios Prop Dept.

It’s always to fun to zip into a Studio Prop House like the one at Universal because one never knows what they will find greeting them at the door.

Last week it was a couple of pretty scary guys. However, when you eventually turn around you found a couple of really cool chairs that you just might want to use for that perfect, fun, set piece.

Items always come and go at these major prop houses. I always seem to be surprised at what is in stock and available for renting.

Website: www.filmmakersdestination.com
Universal Studios Property Department

Harvey Schwartz Back in Hollywood

After traveling around the greater Los Angeles area Harvey Schwartz is back in Hollywood on Beverly Blvd.

Harvey Schwartz has always been the perfect stop for some of best treasures around. The collection includes some fantastic mid century modern furniture, as well as some great antiques. One of their specialties, however, is rattan furniture. Harvey Schwartz is such an expert on rattan furniture that he literally wrote the book on it.

Grab a copy of it if you have a chance, it’s titled (of course) “Rattan Furniture” by Harvey Schwartz and Bruce Waters.


Modernica Props

Modernica has a great collection of vintage mid-century modern furniture ― unique and distinct pieces that capture the era perfectly. What is really great is that Modernica has multiples in many of its items and in a great selection of colors.

The prop rental house is located on 7th Place in downtown L.A. where Modernica houses its furniture production facilities and offices. They’ve expanded into a larger warehouse space. One would think five acres would be enough, but not for Modernica. The company is growing by leaps and bounds.

Website: www.modernicaprops.net
Modernica Props

Blueprint Furniture

Mid-century modern style furniture is hot, and Blueprint Furniture is one of the hottest retailers in town. Set designers and stylists for print, music videos and films all make a point to stop at Blueprint. Since their inventory is imported from around the globe they have managed to be on top of many trends over the years.

As many already know, the showroom moved last year to a 15,000 sq. ft. space on Pico. Check it out and browse any new additions to the sleek collection. They also have a lot of their inventory in a warehouse for quick shipping. What’s nice is that they ship to anywhere in the world.

So whether you’re decorating a set or decking out your own space, a stop a Blueprint is a must.

Website: http://www.blueprintfurniture.com/
Blueprint Furniture