Memorial Day Observance and Prop Houses

We usually do a holiday hour post for prop houses open on the extended weekend holiday. As it turns out pretty much everyone is taking the day off to observe Memorial Day this year. That means we will close up this coming Monday too.

We want to extend a reminder to everyone that most shops, if things are slow, will close early this Friday in early observance.

Enjoy your 3-day weekends, but also take some time to think on those who are no longer with us.

See you all next week!

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Memorial Day Observance 2016

Americn-flagThis Monday, in observance of Memorial Day, the office will be closed.

It’s a good time to meet with friends and family and appreciate the sacrifices many have made so we can do that.

With politics getting ever more heated, take a moment to appreciate that we can all have differing views and express them without fearing for our lives.

Also take a moment to appreciate that your weekend is 3 days long!

Memorial Day 2015 (or Why the Office is Closed Until Tuesday)

memorial-dayThis next Monday is Memorial Day, as many of you know, and that means there won’t be too much work going on next week.

It also means it’s a great time to not show up to work.

Which is what the Debbies Book staff will be doing. Not going to work I mean.

So I hope all of you get a chance to sit back with your feet up, sip on a drink of choice, and bask in the quietude that is not work.

You could also take a look at the new website we just soft launched. It’s pretty sweet.

Memorial Day – Remembering Our Heroes

VA PlacardThough when and where the first Memorial Day is said to have occurred is debatable, the why has always been clear.

The act of remembering the fallen soldiers who defend our country is something that our country has always held dear. Placing flowers on fallen veterans’ graves is a great start, but we have so many veterans who need support from their country now.

I’m not one for pushing agendas but I believe it is a good time to think about your local VA hospital. We as a country are not following through with our promises to them and their families, and that isn’t fair.

There is always something that can be done to help so on this holiday take a part of that break from work to see if you can fit in somewhere in that help.