Presidents Day Holiday Hours – 2019

While some people will be enjoying a three day weekend, others are working hard to make sure you get the props and related services you need even when the post office is closed.

We’ve made our calls so you don’t have to. Check out the list of prop houses open this coming presidents day!

Advanced Liquidators
Aero Mock-Ups
Air Hollywood
Angelus Medical & Optical Co
Athletic Room
Bridge Furniture & Props
Dapper Cadaver
EC Prop Rentals
Faux Library
Hollywood Cinema Arts
Jackson Shrub Supply
LCW Props
Little Bohemia Rentals
Modernica Props
Premiere Props
Prop Services West
Sandy Rose Floral
Surface Library
Target Props, LLC
U-Frame It Gallery
ZG04 Decor

Hours subject to change. This is a guide based on information collected. Sometimes people change their minds.

**Last Updated 02/15/19 @14:55
If you would like to have your company/production featured contact us! | (626) 797-7699

Need to Find [Blank]? Try LCW

item_6961As you are reading this, you may be wondering to yourself — where in the hell can I find an 8 foot steel cowl vent? Ok, maybe you weren’t wondering. But IF you were, LCW Props is the place to go. From AC cooling units to Yeti boxes, you’ll find it at LCW.

They’ve famously absorbed the entire nautical collection of the now defunct Louis Equipment Prop House!

The LCW graphics division has a great collection of computer graphics too, such as airport security footage, database scans, radar scans, weather maps and more. There’s an online catalog, and you’re able to see the computer graphics in action.

Next time you’re wondering—where am I going to find [blank]. Let LCW fill in the blanks for you.


LCW Props

LCW Special Web PicI have a tendency to miss happy hour specials (and McDonalds breakfast specials), but one special that never has a time limit is at LCW Props!

LCW Special Web Pic 2Their ‘This Month’s Specials’ menu always has something interesting and practical. So for all you bargain hunters out there (including the late ones like me) they’ve always got their specials on display on their website. Not to mention they’ve got many of their props inventoried and searchable on their website so check them out.

Not web savvy? Give them a face to face visit, and take a stroll down prop lane… but I highly recommend trying their website searches too. It’s like Neo and Trinity gearing up in the Matrix when isles of stuff zip past them like speeding trains. LCW Props’ search engine is kind of like that only with a Happy Hour/Month! I bet Neo and Trinity had to pay full price.


LCW Prop House

In the early 90’s Mark Ringleberg called me to visit his new shop in Glendale. At the time he had been selling to all the local prop houses and wanted to actually be a Prop House himself.  “Hummm, nope. Sorry, you’re not a Prop House, you’re a vendor that can be listed in multiple areas.” Prop House are a very special group of businesses, and I make no exceptions.

Every year I’d visit Mark and my answer was always the same for him. “Nope… not a Prop House.” “Ok,” he’d say with that big grin of his. This went on year after year until one day in 1997 I walked into his facility and was blown away by his inventory and set up.

It was very clear that LCW had arrived, big time, into the business of being a Hollywood Prop House.

LCW is family run with lots of Mark’s sons, in-laws, and grandkids beginning to take on a larger role in running the day to day operations. To this day LCW is still growing so stop by and see what he’s got.

LCW Props