2019 Labor Day Holiday Hours

It’s that time again where we call up everyone to see who’s open this coming holiday Monday and we have some exciting news!

Pretty much everyone is on vacation and you should be too! We are happy to say that the Debbies Book office will be closed on Monday but back in the swing of things Tuesday, September 3rd with everyone else.

Don’t forget that many prop houses and businesses will be looking to close up their doors a little early this coming Friday. Often by 3pm, or even earlier, so make sure to call ahead if something is coming in late.

If you would like to have your company/production featured contact us!
press@debbiesbook.com | (626) 797-7699

Labor Day Weekend – 2015

labor-day-design-with-worker-without-picture-84083758-399x400As are many others the Debbies Book staff will be taking the Monday off.

Don’t worry and don’t fret, however. If you still need to find something the gremlins that run our online search will still be hard at work grabbing results to display for you when you search online or in app (they haven’t unionized yet).

If you don’t like how we overwork our online gremlins you can always grab the printed book still available over at Amazon!


Enjoy the Labor Day Weekend!

oxQgYEADs=This coming Monday is Labor Day, in case you didn’t know. I can certainly tell you that we in the office are very aware of the holiday and will be treating as such.

We’ll be back on Tuesday to answer calls and emails.

Until then, I hope you can labor on without us!