Where to Find Western Dressing

The Wild West.

As American as John Wayne and Apple Pie. It can be as over the top fantastical as the Wild Wild West (steampunk anyone?!?) or as gritty as The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

There are countless productions that need the look of the Untamed West, from your run-of-the-mill Western to a contemporary but remote Mexican village. But what prop houses do you get these items from, and where can you film them?

Caravan West Productions – Western Dressing/Location

Caravan West Productions
The absolute go-to for Western Dressing. From hand props like straight razers, whiskey flasks, and authentic Native American items including pottery, tomahawks, beadwork to a full blown Western filming location within the Los Angeles studio zone that includes an old barn, a 19th century house and mining shacks. Period weaponry to fit the times, wardrobe, animal skins and all manner of other dressing are at your fingertips in their inventory as well.

Omega/Cinema Props, CP Valley & CP Two
Western barrels, horse troughs, water pumps, cast iron stoves, Western tools and oil lanterns. For decades Omega has been collecting props to fulfill production needs, and Westerns are certainly one of them. Call them up to find out what location you need to swing by to cover your needs.

Dapper Cadaver
A prop house that specializes in horror and dark themed props has Western Dressing? You betcha. Apothecary props, rattlesnake props, animal and animal bone props, gallows and more are available at Dapper Cadaver. Servicing the Haunted House circuit for years has encouraged them to amass many Western items to cover your needs.

Jackson Shrub Supply
Split rail fence, wagon wheels, various cactus varieties, hitching posts and more (including wagons and the ever-important tumbleweed for rent). Part of what a Western needs is the proper foliage, fencing and more. Jackson is a proper source for it.

Green Set, Inc
Not to be outdone by another greens company, Green Set also offers the proper foliage, greens and dressing for many Western themed productions. Straw bales, carts, fiberglass barn animals (cows, buffalos, horses), and more rustic decorations. Don’t forget that prop houses including Green Set are perfect for events too!

L. A. Party Works
Mechanical bulls, cantina poker, tomahawk throwing, archery and more. If it is a Western Themed Event you are throwing you can’t go wrong reaching out to Party Works. They’ve got western themed bars, games and entertainment that is bound to lasso in a smile from the biggest curmudgeons.

Honorable Mentions:

Hand Prop Room LP – Saddles, gambling, saloon dressing and cavalry equip.
History for Hire – Western posters, wooden barrels, Native American props, & blacksmith tools.
Sony Studios Property – Branding irons, western buckets, lassos, animals pelts and Native American items.
Universal Studios Property – Western backpacks, miners pans, hangman posts, wood boxes & more.
Warner Bros Property – Western smalls, saw horses, stagecoaches, wagon wheels and horse equip.

Where to Find Gambling Equipment, Dressing and Dealers

Everyone who is anyone is there. Glasses are overflowing with champagne from bottles worth more than the average income of the lower classes in his district. Girls, music and gambling abound. Poker tables, blackjack, roulette, the works.

The shady mayor is running for reelection. He’s a shoe-in, no one dares to run against him. That’s why undercover cop Hugh Watcherself is here. The mayor is always good to those that are in his posse and Hugh finally got an in. All of the mayor’s cronies get on to the “fundraising” event boat to start off his campaign with a bang. Hopefully no one suspects Detective Watcherself…

L. A. Party Works - Casino Night
L. A. Party Works – Casino Night

Everyone knows gambling equipment. Heck most people have stepped into at least one casino at some point (others quite a few casinos in the last week). It makes sense that casinos should have all the necessary gizmos, gadgets and accessories but where does a production or event get them?

It’s just one dang scene/event so no one needs to buy them! Why take a gamble with a random company when you can just ask Debbies Book?

L. A. Party Works
Eric and his company love putting on events, both on the stage and IRL, of every kind. Sports themed, magicians, clowns and more. One of their specialties, however, is a gambling theme. Roulette tables, poker tables, blackjack and more, LA Party Works has what you’re looking for.

Dealer Dolls
A unique Gambling Equipment event service, Dealer Dolls doesn’t just specialize with inventory, they come with talent. With a fully trained staff that can work everything from a small private event at home to a large-scale fundraiser or network event, they have the know-how, the costumes, and the equipment to make it happen.

R. C. Vintage
Always masters of the vintage and retro, RC Vintage doesn’t stop at that specialization when it comes to gambling equipment. Slot machines, craps tables, casino chips and everything else you need from a time not too long ago can be nabbed over there.

Lennie Marvin’s Prop Heaven
Prop Heaven has a few emphases, and gambling equipment is one of them. Slot machines and card tables are here to rent.

It’s a Deal
Poker tables, craps tables, pai gow tables and much more await anyone who needs to rent them. It’s A Deal is here for all an event or production’s gambling needs, and can even provide custom felts, cards and stools for you.

Honorable Mentions:

Hand Prop Room – Antique and vintage cards, chips, racks, keepers and more.
CP Valley – Slot machines, gambling tables, chip racks and even a raffle drum!
Sony Pictures Studios Prop House (Off Lot) – Cribbage equipment, dominoes cases, lotto games, raffle equipment.

LA Partyworks’ Fresh Take on Photobooths!

LA Party Big ShotHere’s a fresh new look at photo booth that you can rent for you next big event. It’s a ‘BIG SHOT’ camera and it’s available over at L. A. Party Works.

You can instantly print onsite and have it handed to you as you walk into your event. The extra bonus is that on the backside there is a slide show of all your event photos. You see what the gigantic camera sees, that is so cool!

As if the photo immediately printing for you wasn’t enough you can have your event picture e-mailed to you instantly! Just another way L. A. Party Works can completely customize your party experience.

Website: www.partyworksusa.com

L.A. PartyWorks – Eric’s Birthday Bash

Z-17From Nike to Knott’s Berry Farm L.A. Party Works has been a key partner in planning and excuting creative and cool events for people and companies all over. This Saturday night, however, Eric put his own company to work for him, celebrating his big 50 with all of his friends and family. And boy, what a bash!

It was a costume party themed around 1970’s fashion. Entering into the party through a psychedelic rotating tube, it was clearly going to be a fun event. Everything from Afros, tie dye shirts, lava lamps, bell-bottom pants, and hot pants were abound. There were go-go dancers doing the twist long into the early morning hours and a live band that played exceptionally the whole evening.

Eric rang in his new decade with his own characteristic flair.

One thing everyone took away from the party though. If your event needs to be memorable and done professionally, Eric can certainly pull it off.

Website: www.partyworksusa.com

L.A. Party Works

An award-winning member of the Magic Castle, LA Party Works Interactive founder Eric Elkaim performs his magic for more than 20 years, turning public and private events into must-see, fun-filled entertainment affairs, large or small.

Whether you are planning a corporate event or a special birthday party, interactive entertainment is the way to go. With great design, execution and service, Party Works can create a casino night for your fundraisers, a winter wonderland for your corporate holiday party, a themed event for your Blu-ray/DVD release party or a grad night extravaganza. If you can imagine it, Party Works will bring it to life. And if you need ideas, you’ll find plenty there.

With musical acts ranging from string quartet to Afro-Cuban/Latin jazz, pop rock and salsa, Party Works Interactive events can also include props, inflatables, arcade games, rock climbing walls, mechanical bulls and sharks, competition events, and so much more.

For your next shindig, go interactive!

Website:  www.partyworksusa.com
L. A. Party Works