Prop Houses Open This Good Friday (2017)

Some people are working this Good Friday, while others won’t be (and are probably going to have a Great Friday).

For those of us who WILL be working, it’s good to have a list of shops open. Some people will be open for half days (leaving after lunch) so we have split up the list into two with partials closing around lunchtime.

Name Open Partial
Advanced Liquidators
Aero Mock-Ups
Artery Props
Artkraft Taxidermy
Bridge Furniture & Props
Dapper Cadaver
Faux Library
LCW Props
Little Bohemia
Modernica Props
Old N Country
Picture Start Props
Sword & Stone
The Surface Library
ZG04 Decor
Alley Cats Studio Rentals
Hollywood Cinema Arts
Jackson Shrub Supply
Prop Services West
RC Vintage

For a longer list of prop houses on Debbies Book, you can check it out here:
Prop Houses

I hope everyone has a good weekend, whenever that may start!

Faux Library Gets it’s Move On!

Faux Library Moving FlyerAfter years of squeezing into their still pretty roomy building in North Hollywood off of Laurel Canyon Blvd, Faux Library Studio Props is moving further into the valley.

Where? The now former residence of ZG04 Decor actually. And it’s a good thing.

7100 Case Ave,
North Hollywood, CA, 91605

Soon we will all have an even better loop than before with History for Hire, Pinacoteca Picture Props, Alley Cats Studio Rentals and  the addition of Faux Library Studio Props. A buyers dream!

Their phone numbers won’t be changing and all of the same great people will be working inside. The only difference will be even more room (and more props!) and even more accessibility.

Congratulations Faux Library! We are all excited for your expansion.

Website: Faux Library Facebook Page

Faux Library Studio Props, Inc. is Expanding!

2Q==-14True to their ways, Faux Library Studio Prop, Inc. has yet again outgrown their space. Their new additional building is now busting out at the seems as they have taken over yet another warehouse.9k=-9

Along with the hundreds of Asian Antiques they just collected, their collection of conference tables and office furniture are really something to behold.

Still want that old fashion library desk set up? Perhaps you just need some fake books. Do not worry, they still have their original inventory available, but if you move on to to the Presidential wing they have that set up too.

Faux Library Expands

9k=-51Anyone who has frequented Faux Library knows they have some unique items, great multiples, and all the fake books, paperwork, law and police office dressing you could ever need.

9k=-52However, when I walked into Faux Library last week I was thrown by the expansion of both their space and their inventory. They now have an even better selection of office furniture, lamps, and accessories. Swing by their location, you will not leave without items you need.


Faux Library: Hollow w/ Substance

Faux Library isn’t a library at all, but a collection of Marc Meyer’s taste in magazines and books, everywhere from new to vintage. As a successful set decorator for many years in series television, Marc knows how the camera and actors need those layers of details to help create a mood and tell a story. Marc’s passion for books and his hobby for making faux books grew into the successful specialty prop house it is today.

From individual books to 20 feet of hardcovers, all hollowed out to be lightweight, Faux Library has it. We all know how heavy boxes of books can be and lugging those on and off set is a pain. On behalf of set dressers everywhere, “Thank you Faux Library!”

Hand-cut Styrofoam and paper maché mockups are covered with care to replicate the look and feel of period books and capture the style needed for each set. You can also find real books, even rare ones if you need them.  Additionally there are collections of magazines such as Time, Life and National Geographic.

Faux Library has grown over the past few years to rent not only books but also high-end desk dressing, like executive-style leather office furniture. New items come into the show room regularly, and designers snap them up. As soon as items arrive, they are out the door and onto a set.

Marc’s distinct taste gives an edge to Faux Library’s collection. From mid-century to Danish modern furniture, you will find a fresh selection of chairs, desks, bookshelves and accessories to choose from for decorating a library, bookstore, executive office suite, and even the Oval Office.

Faux Library Studio Props, Inc
12007 Vose St, N. Hollywood, CA, 91605
Ph: (818) 765-0096