New Rule FX

Index1It’s fun watching a scene where items are being broken apart, or people are being flung through windows with ease. What wouldn’t be so fun is if the chair or other props were real… it would actually be pretty painful. Believe me, I have certainly gotten myself into a couple of bar fights.

Good thing is New Rule FX is there to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Located in Van Nuys, their facility provides a large space to work on their realistic creations. From bottles to cinder blocks, they can create many different breakaway and non-breakaway items for your project. If you need a customized effect or prop, they can do that as well!


Special Effects Unlimited

Special Effects Unlimited Web Pic 2Wide shot on a burned out crop field scene, filled with only scorched tools and broken dreams. Suddenly, lightning strikes followed by a downpour. Because the weather has no wrangler, Special Effects Unlimited is at the ready to step in. Special Effects Coordinator Allen Hall recreates and puts the elements in check for you—how you want, when you want. Their physical special effects range from weather effects to explosions, and their experience is vast. Some effects simply can’t be added during post production, so get it done right with Special Effects Unlimited.Special Effects Unlimited Web Pic 1

They also provide special effect rentals and have the ability to fabricate breakaways and custom props! If you want your special effects to not be limited, check out Special Effects Unlimited.


New Rule FX & New Rule Productions

New Rule FX has moved to a larger facility in Van Nuys so be sure to swing by and check it out. Many of you may remember them as, whose beginning was focused on breakaways and fake food for the theater.

A division of New Rule Productions, New Rule FX has expanded its one-of-a-kind selection of SMASHProps breakaways to include larger items for movie and television productions. One of the newer items is a rubber frying pan. Kinda cool. Let’s hope you never see one come flying your way, but if you did, I hope it’s from New Rule FX.

Check out this video on their website that shows a breakaway in action!

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