Dapper Cadaver Yard Sale

Have you ever found yourself in a bind because you don’t have a rubber baseball bat, an engraved voodoo skull, a dragon skull, a decorative bird cage, a dead chupacabra, and some clinical supplies including but not limited to an embalming station and inexplicably need them?

Well shoot you are in luck because Dapper Cadaver, the go-to shop for the macabre and more, is having a yard sale. They need to make some room for more creepy horror stuff so you don’t have to and that means a bunch of cool stuff is up for grabs!

This is the perfect time to nab some perfect items just in time for Halloween. They will even have a wide assortment of factory second body parts on clearance. If you need a hand with anything, they might have a severed one available for you.

If you’re interested right now you can even swing over to their website. They currently have many items up on their sale, clearance and discount store page. These items not sold and more will also be available for your purchasing pleasure at their shop Saturday, September 7th from 9am to 12pm.

You can get more info on their Facebook Event page:

Saturday 09/07/19 – 9am to 12pm
7648 San Fernando Rd., Sun Valley, CA 91352
Save the date for the Dapper Cadaver yard sale! Shop and save on horror props, medical / science props, dinosaur skulls & bones, candelabras, factory second haunt props, body forms and more!
Located on San Fernando Road, Dapper Cadaver is a prop house and retail store specializing death, science, horror and dark themed props. Perfect for supernatural, crime scene and Halloween dressing.
Website: www.dappercadaver.com

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Aside from Dapper Cadavers, what else does Dapper Cadaver have?

Gore RoomAs many may already know, Dapper Cadaver is the perfect stop for everything dead, almost dead, formerly dead, or looks like it can make you dead. What many don’t realize is that they have other specialties too!

Dino FossilsA recent addition is their separate entity Creatures & Cultures. The items offered under that arm could be considered a little more lowkey but no less desired for sets. I had a chance to see some full plate armor, quite a few dinosaur fossils, and some rather well kept specimen.

DSCN0175The rooms are organized well too (they recently moved to a larger location) so you can really get an idea of what is available for you. Classy caskets and creepy coffins, statues that look like they’re thinking of grabbing you and others that seem pretty calm in one place.

I must admit, however, one of my favorites was hiding behind some boxes. A statue in the form of a giant’s head. Even for the big guys it’s an easy place to lose one’s mind!

Website: www.dappercadaver.com & www.creaturesandcultures.com


Mannequin Gallery

show_photo-1When I think of mannequins I’m reminded of that Twilight Zone episode “The After Hours” where the department store mannequins come to life. But that’s not what I want to talk about…

Let’s talk about the The Mannequin Gallery. All mannequins, all the time. A member of the Set Decorators of America, the Mannequin Gallery sells, rents, repairs and custom builds for TV and film productions, trade shows, print or whatever your need might be.

The folks there are artists with an inventory of over 1,000 mannequins and forms. You’ll find human forms of all shapes, sizes and color. Or if it’s body parts you need, you’ll find torsos, heads, hands and legs in the ‘graveyard.’ There are custom figures as wild as your imagination and crash test dummies too. Now I have that song “Mmm Mmm Mmm” by the Crash Test Dummies in my head. Help me—I’m in the Twilight Zone!

Website: www.mannequingallery.com

Dapper Cadaver

Dapper Cadaver Halloween PropsBlood. Gore. Death. The Macabre. Young audiences crave it. Makeup artists slave over it. Parents loath it. But at Dapper Cadaver, the ghoulish is business as usual.

I quivered a bit when inventorying their cool stuff, but I couldn’t look away. From gouged eyes to realistic protruding impalements, alien corpses and zombies to two-headed parrots, nobody does creepy like Dapper Cadaver.

Website: www.dappercadaver.com

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day from Debbies Book!

It’s that time of year where many show their love and affection for each other with gifts. Maybe this time around why don’t you think outside of the chocolate box a bit?

Veiny_Heart_49__96979.1308704602.220.220I know that Dapper Cadaver can help you give that special someone your heart (or at least someone’s heart).

large_rib_cutters_250__33589.1280190932.220.220Of course they always say it’s also important to open up to those who are closest to you, so why not help them along with some rather large rib cutters too while you’re there.

Now last, but most certainly not least, if you don’t believe just a heart is enough Dapper Cadaver also has a wide assortment of all manner of entrails, organs, and curiosities.

2_bodied_boy.sized__39214.1323821419.1280.1280So whether your special someone is drop dead gorgeous or dangerously handsome, don’t forget Dapper Cadaver can give you a hand… and a foot, and I don’t really even know what that is on the left but you can give them that too I suspect…

Website: www.dappercadaver.com

Dinosaurs on the Loose at Dapper Cadaver

9k=-70Yang the T-Rex has hit town and you’ll find all 28 feet of him over at Dapper Cadaver. Yang fits right in over there among the bones, bloody bodies, alien corpses, zombies, and – wait for it – headless Santa Claus.Z-60

If you don’t know or haven’t guessed, Dapper Cadaver is the death-related prop house and prop fabrication shop where you’ll find the bizarre, the macabre, the Gothic and the downright horrific, from the two-headed parrots, severed body parts and zombie canines to torture equipment, alien autopsy cadavers and mutant fetuses. Yikes!

Website: www.dappercadaver.com

The Mannequin Gallery

Mannequins take on a life of their own at Walt and Shelley’s Mannequin Gallery. No, it’s not the Twilight Zone. This hands-on family business fabricates, rents, sells and customizes mannequins for fashion shows, store fronts, photo shoots, film & TV productions, along with other special events.

The Mannequin Gallery will paint these life-size figures any color; produce duplicate heads with various expressions; airbrush any style of make-up; install glass eyes; and cast and create a mannequin of anyone.

Okay, it does remind me of that Twilight Zone episode “The After Hours.” You know the one where the mannequins come to life after hours in the department store? Spooky.

Anyway, the point I’m making is that The Mannequin Gallery is a great source. The folks there also provide molding service and will mold and create multiples of almost anything you need. Stop in and see what they can do.

But, maybe wait until it’s daylight…

Website: www.mannequingallery.com
The Mannequin Gallery